Sodium Carbonate Market Size & Industry Overview 2022-2028

As an inorganic substance, sodium carbonate also known as soda ash or washing soda has the chemical formula Na2CO3 (N2CO3). When Sodium and carbonic acid react, a compound called sodium carbonate is formed.

The first is the processing of trona ores that have been mined naturally, and the second is a manufactured chemical process known as the Solvay ammonia soda process. The chemical has numerous uses in the manufacturing of glass, detergents, and soaps, among other products. Its useful properties, such as non-toxicity and combustibility, have led to its incorporation into a variety of other industries, including the pulp and paper sector, flue gas desulfurization, and water treatment. Furthermore, sodium carbonate is used to neutralize acidity and protect against corrosion.

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The global sodium carbonate market is expanding due to increasing demand from the chemical sector, the paper and pulp industry, and the water treatment sector. Industry growth may be stymied, however, by problematic waste management and complex effluent disposal from manufacturing processes. In the future, the sodium carbonate market is predicted to be significantly influenced by the expanding industrial economies of Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America. The FDA has given their blessing for its use in food. Processing aids, flavoring additives, pH agents, and curing and canning agents are just a few examples of its many applications. The institution requires that the levels used are consistent with GMP standards. Recent estimates put the global sodium carbonate market at $3.34 billion, with forecasts predicting it will grow by 4.1% to $5.98 billion.

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Sodium carbonate, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is the sodium salt of carbonic acid that is soluble in water. Washing soda is also called soda ash, which is another term for it. An odorless, white powder, pure sodium carbonate is a hygroscopic material that attracts and retains moisture from the air. It dissolves in water to make a mildly basic solution and has a strongly alkaline flavor. Sodium carbonate’s effectiveness as a water softener is well-known all throughout the world. One of the most important applications of sodium carbonate is in the production of glass. Sodium carbonate acts as a flux for silica, reducing the combination’s melting point to the point where it may be created without the use of specific components.

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Melting the combination with calcium carbonate yields insoluble glass, as the “soda glass” is only slightly water soluble. In this context, “soda” and “lime” refer to the sodium and calcium carbonates, respectively, that make up this glass. Soda-lime glass was the standard for a long time.

Top industry players

  • Tata Chemicals Ltd
  • DCW Ltd.
  • Genesis Energy
  • LP
  • Nirma Ltd.
  • Ciner Group
  • Novacap Group
  • Shandong Haihua Group Co. Ltd
  • Tronox limited
  • J M Lover ridge