Berry Superfos’s new lab will help expand new product development

The lab’s purpose is to facilitate the quickening of new product development projects by conducting chemical testing and sampling of plastic products (for which the facility is accredited).

Among the site’s future ambitions is a doubling of its capacity for testing global migration and establishing procedures for customized migration.

“As raw material compositions get increasingly complicated and we utilize more recycled materials for food packaging, efficient testing on time becomes even more crucial than before,” stated Josef Björck, COO of Berry Superfos. In-house testing of raw materials for our customers will be faster as a result of our investment in a testing laboratory. In addition, with accreditation, we can prove to our clients that we follow all international regulations when conducting our testing.

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“Thanks to the laboratory’s expertise, we can now provide our customers precise testing of raw materials for food product packaging as an integrated element of the development process,” said Micha Kamiski, divisional regulatory compliance manager at Berry Superfos. This shortens the time it takes to create brand new products. We may also create and update testing strategies that are specific to each client’s requirements. And in the event of food-safety claims, we can now perform preliminary evaluations much more quickly than in the past.