Global Concession Catering Market To Be Driven By Rise In Leisure And Business Travels

Concession catering is a means of grabbing the attention of customers from among a huge number of visitors or audience at airports, roadside stop locations, and railway stations. Besides, the concession catering activities can be performed in-house or also outsourced to a particular catering company. Additionally, it comprises the service level catering and arrangement of high quality levels of service.

The global concession catering market is projected to driven at a considerable rate during the forecast period. The growing transport networks around the world, escalating traveling, rising disposable incomes of the people globally, and enhancing standards of living among customers are the key factors projected to drive the growth of the global market. In addition, the rise in the leisure travels among the people will drive the need for concession catering activities during the upcoming years. The increase in the business travels has led to rise in the revenue of food & beverages concessionaries at a number of tourist sites, thus fueling the growth of the global market. Furthermore, the risings concentration of concession caterers on offering a refreshing ambience and healthy fast food is also projected to fuel the global concession catering market growth.

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The global concession catering market can be segregated based on product, end user, and region. The global market, by product, is bifurcated into food and beverages. The global market, by end user is divided into airports, motorways, leisure, city sites, and railways. Among these, the airport segment is projected to capture the biggest market share on account of rising trend of traveling by flight among people and growing number of air passengers.

Regionally, Europe is anticipated to dominate the global concession catering market during the forecast period. This regional growth can be attributed to factors like huge spending on leisure activities and travelling in the region, rising socialization trends, along with escalated standards of living and fast food demand in countries such as Italy, France, Germany and UK. Also, the altering lifestyles and food habits among the youngsters in the region are expected to drive the growth regional market in the near future. Asia Pacific is also projected to capture a considerable market share during the forecast period on account of the escalating middle-class population and increasing GDP in developing countries like China and India. A major share is expected to be held by India due to the rising expenditure on parties as well as other events among people.

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Few of major players participating in the global concession catering market consist of Autogrill, Elior Group, British Event Catering services, SSP, The Grove Inc., Sweet Hospitality Group, Plurban Gourmet Event Catering, Concessions International LLC, Catering By Uptown, Good Foods Catering, Ismaya Catering, and Classic Catering, among others.

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