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Blockchain Technology Market Size, Trend, Opportunities, Segment Analysis 2022-2028

Blockchain Technology Market Size Analysis The global blockchain technology market size was USD 3.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 60 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 44.5% between 2022 and 2028. Blockchain technology’s transparent interactions contribute to the database’s inherent stability. Blockchain technology industry applications are rapidly spreading across industries like retail, healthcare, and the financial sector. The Blockchain Technology Market also has enormous untapped

NASA's Perseverance Rover found organic matter in Martian rocks

The NASA Perseverance Rover discovered organic matter in a rock, which could be a sign of ancient Martian life. The rover took two samples from a rock named Wildcat Ridge in Jezero Crater’s old river delta. Its chemical compounds may serve as biosignatures, which is what makes it so intriguing. A biosignature is a chemical or structural indicator that may or may not require the presence of life to form.

By 2030, the global blockchain technology market will be worth $69 billion

Blockchain Technology Market By Application (Payments, Exchanges, Smart Contracts, Supply Chain Management, Digital Identity, And Others), By Type (Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, And Private Cloud), By Component (Infrastructure & Protocols, Application & Solution, And Middleware), By Enterprise Size (Small & Medium Enterprises, And Large Enterprises), By End-User (Government, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Transport & Logistics, Media & Entertainment, And Others) – And By Region – Global And Regional Industry Overview,

This month's Drinktec will mark the launch of Guala Closures

The event will take place in Munich from September 12th to the 16th. The company will be showcasing its main product, the Talog, which is a tamper evident cap made of aluminium and a plastic tamper evident band that snaps in half on the first time the top is opened. This cap is used by water manufacturers. Another form of closure called the Alu-Star, this one is made out of

Humans get annoyed by AI when it wins the state fair's art competition

Vice reported on Wednesday, citing a viral tweet, that a synthetic media artist called Jason Allen had won first prize in the Digital Arts/Digitally Manipulated Photography category in the Colorado State Fair fine arts competition for AI-generated artwork. In order to make a trio of pictures, Allen consulted Midjourney, a commercial image synthesis model accessible via a Discord server. Then, in early August, he blew them up, had them printed

The latest version of Google Maps has an EV-specific routing feature

For some time now, Google Maps has highlighted “green” driving options. The “smoothest” journey, meaning one with the fewest starts and stops, will be the most fuel efficient if your automobile runs on gasoline. However, what if you don’t drive a gas guzzler? In low-speed, stop-and-go traffic, however, electric vehicles utilise the least amount of power. The newest addition to Google Maps allows you to select the fuel type of

NASA learns the hard way about liquid hydrogen years after the shuttle programme

On Saturday, the American space agency attempted to launch a rocket constructed mostly out of parts from the space shuttle, which was developed and constructed almost four decades ago. The inaugural flight of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket was scrubbed a few hours before its launch window opened, which came as little surprise given the frequency with which technical issues delayed the space shuttle. A line of 8-inch diameter that

Other states may ban gas cars by 2035 like California

In a historic move this week, California became the first state to outlaw the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by the year 2035. By the middle of the next decade, all new cars and light trucks sold in California will have to be electric vehicles (EV) or other zero-emissions models, thanks to an ambitious phase-out plan adopted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). It’s safe to say that other

Use of Colorimetric Polymer Sensors for Nitrite Detection in Processed Meats

Salami and bacon, for example, are preserved using nitrite or nitrate salts so that they last longer after being cured and processed. In the body, nitrate can be broken down into more reactive nitrite. Once combined with ammonia, nitrite can generate carcinogenic nitrosamines. Methods now used to assess nitrite content in food aren’t always user-friendly, requiring specialised equipment and time-consuming manual effort. An easy-to-use method for quantifying nitrite has been

In North America, Google Pixel has captured 2% of the market and is experiencing explosive rise in sales

The Q2 2022 data for the North American smartphone market share were released by Canalys, and once again, Google was the most notable shifter, with enormous growth numbers thanks to the Pixel 6. According to Canalys, Google increased by 230 percent from the previous quarter and by 380 percent from the year before. It may sound like a huge accomplishment, but keep in mind that we’re talking about Google’s very