Specialty Generic Pharmaceuticals

Biocon will be able to expand into the North Africa and Middle East as a result of the agreement. Biocon Ltd., an international biopharmaceutical company, recently partnered with Tabuk Pharma Manufacturing Firm (a wholly owned division of Astra Industrial Group), a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) pharmaceutical company, on Tuesday to commercialize select specialty products in the Middle East. Tabuk Pharmaceuticals will have the authorization of marketing for these drugs and the firm


Recursion Pharmaceuticals, a Salt Lake City-based biotech firm, recently announced a multibillion-dollar partnership with Roche AG, a Swiss medicine and diagnostics major, and its U.S. affiliate Genentech, that may bring the firm billions of dollars in new income over the next decade. The development comes after Recursion said on Monday that it has extended its relationship with Bayer AG, a European pharma titan, for work on fibrosis illnesses, in a transaction

Industrial Biotech Fund

Sofinnova Partners has successfully raised €150M capital for its early-stage environmental impact fund. The fund will be used for the companies striving to leverage biotechnology to innovate and create sustainable solutions. However, Sofinnova Industrial Biotech II has become part of the venture capital firm leading sustainability initiated strategy over a decade ago with the introduction of Sofinnova Green Seed Fund. The fund will pursue helping early-stage companies by financing and

Digital Healthcare Platform

Alira Health acquired a digital health technology company Patchai, headquartered in Italy. Alira Health is a global health care consultancy. Patchai provides digital healthcare solutions that empower and engage patients in care pathways and clinical research,  improve self-management of various diseases, facilitate ideas to study care plans and protocol, and also offers robust care delivery for clinicians in real-time data. Patchai’s Co-PRO® is the complete package of technologies that personalize

Cannabis Market

Pennsylvania Rep. Melissa Shusterman introduced a plan to permit small businesses and farmers a chance to contribute and compete in the medical marijuana market. The legislation allows small businesses and farmers to participate in the cultivation of cannabis for medical reasons. Shusterman, D-Paoli will offer Pennsylvania’s small businesses and farmers a piece of the $1 billion sectors that are monopolized by large corporations in the state. However, the various rules

Cannabis Wellness Company

An emerging Delhi-based cannabis wellness firm, Awshad, that recently commenced pan-India operations, has entered the pet care market with the development of an oral oil for pets, according to a release. Cannabis wellness medicines have achieved enormous popularity and traction around the world due to its efficacy in assuring physical and emotional well-being for both pets and humans. In view of these findings, South Delhi-based cannabis wellness firm Awshad has

Mobile Marijuana Stores

Cannable was able to reduce delivery times from hours to 20 minutes because to Meadow’s innovative Dynamic Delivery. How? Customers can order directly from the automobile in their neighborhood using an app, and the delivery vehicle is packed with pot available for purchase. Consider it an ice cream truck with a cutting-edge internet ordering system. However, instead of offering gelato treats and Creamsicles, these movable dispensaries serve eighths of Gelato and

food and beverage businesses

The global food system holds nearly 1/3 of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions. Out of those emissions, most can be attributed to agriculture and land use. However, food can be seen as an incredible solution. Also, the companies dealing in the food and beverage sector can help government and civil societies owing to their immense power to the major climate goals. However, if not done properly, they can also do the

energy transition technology

PETRONAS and Baker Hughes, an energy technology corporation, inked a Memorandum of Understanding  to join forces on operational excellence, technological breakthroughs supporting the energy transition, education, and capability building. In keeping with PETRONAS’ sustainability mission, the MoU defines a framework in which both companies would combine their knowledge to optimize sustainable energy delivery while using technology and digitalization. Following a Memorandum of Understanding inked in 2018, which resulted in noteworthy

Plant Protein-Packed Functional Foods

Flavorchem, the global flavor and ingredient supplier, recently launched Taste Mod for Protein. It is a solution with a clean label to disguise the plant-based protein off notes. The product innovation will significantly improve the sensory experience of functional foods and beverages. However, it has emerged as a first in the line of high-performance taste modulators which is a significant and emerging trend in the pandemic’s wake. The product functions