Oil & Gas Energy Transition

Amazon Web Services and IBM will work unanimously to reap the integrated benefits of AWS cloud and IBM open data for the whole industry for IBM Cloud Pak for data to save energy to customers. This comprehensive solution is built on Red Hat Openshift and will execute on AWS cloud to enhance the ability for consumers to carry workloads in AWS cloud and on-premise. Innovation, digital technology, and data can

Solar Energy industry

Solar energy continues to increase the amount of power generated in the United States. According to the Energy Department, solar power, which accounted for 3% of US electricity in 2020, will expand at a rate of roughly 1% per year in 2021 and 2022. According to recent study, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) concludes that “aggressive decarbonization” will be necessary until 2030 to reach the Paris Agreement’s temperature targets, which

Sports Nutrition Market

Perfect Day, Inc., the world’s largest animal-free dairy protein creator, unveiled its entrance into the sports nutrition market. They are expecting to bring first-kind-of sustainability, performance, and innovation to the growing space of the sports nutrition market. The event further validates the capability of the company as an alternative protein leader to commercialize its animal free ingredients widely into Asia along with the product launch of two other brands. The

Electric Vehicle Battery

An electric vehicle battery is a secondary power source adopted in automobiles. It utilizes the stored chemical energy in rechargeable packs for power and therefore does not need any combustion engine for propulsion. An electric vehicle battery is getting immense popularity as it can power the propulsion of electric vehicle batteries effectively, thereby driving global electric-vehicle batteries (EV Batteries) market growth. The advent of lithium-ion technology has significantly encouraged the

Agriculture Equipment Market

Agricultural machinery is a term that refers to the mechanical systems and devices that are engaged in farming and other farming methods. Power tools and tools, as well as tractors and the myriad sorts of farm implements that they operate or tow, are all examples of such equipment. Both organic and non-organic farming requires a wide range of equipment. Agricultural technology has become an integral aspect of how the world

starch recovery systems

Starch recovery systems are used to extract starch from potatoes. The system works by accepting processed water which is pumped from the potato slice washing system that allows separation of the starch from the water through centrifugation or decanter. Demand for starch recovery systems is primarily boosted by increasing demand for starch in food sectors. Along with this, increase in potato processing industry around the world has equally contributed to

faba bean

Scientists from the University of Sydney have revealed a new faba bean variety referred to as FBA Ayla. They are introducing an improved faba bean for farmers in the Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland region. This new variety of faba bean has emerged as the second most vital grain legume after chickpea in the subtropical region of Australia. The university has been breeding faba bean varieties from its

E-commerce Healthcare

Due to emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the last two years, healthcare industry has witnessed rapid transformation and raised the demand for online methods of healthcare system management. This was valid in both pharmacy management solutions and patient care. As per the research put out by PwC, 77 % of the clinicians say that “nontraditional care venues” including concierge medicine, on-demand telehealth, etc. helps people in several ways and

connected agriculture

Charles Sturt University is a part of agri-food stakeholders that have successfully established a $4 million Australian agri-food data exchange (AADE). It is known to be a safe method to exchange inter-organizational data in agribusiness and agriculture. The AADE aims to develop an interconnected data highway for the commercial food farming value chain in Australia. The community also offers a digital platform that allows- Improved transparency of industry data to

Aquaculture Products Market

Generally, aquaculture products are utilized for the enhancing the aquafarming practices. These comprise the equipment needed for enhanced feeding & ponds maintenance, disease prevention, and cleaning of farms with the help of chemicals. These products are greatly utilized in site preparation where aquafarming is carried out. These products improve regular feeding and stocking of aquatic plants and animals while providing shelter from predators. The key factor contributing to the growth