Food Robotics Market

Food robotics is the machines utilized in the food and beverage sector to carry on complex tasks like palletizing, packing, and picking. The involvement of automation in the food processing sector to cater to heavy machinery, material handling systems, sophisticated processing procedures, packaging, and placement has brought up robotics. The functions and capabilities of automated systems have widely garnered the utilization of food robotics. The surge in the demand for

Beauty Supplements

Supplements are the additional medicines, which help in strengthening, stimulating, and sustaining the deficiencies in a human body. These medicines are generally available in the form of liquids, powders, soft gels, and capsules. With the rising consciousness among the people regarding physical grooming and outer appearance, influenced majorly by the celebrities are anticipated to drive the global beauty supplements market in the coming years. These days men and women both

Food Security Technologies

Food security technologies are the advanced techniques used for the production of required food. This helps satisfy the demand arising from the rising population. The food security technologies comprise genetic engineering, nanotechnology, chemical technologies, agricultural technology, irrigation techniques, and so on. As per the World Food Summit, food security is when each individual has economic and physical access to nutritious, safe, and sufficient food to meet their food preference and

Fish Oil Market

Fish oil is extracted mainly from oily fish species that are found either in seawater or freshwater. Fish oil is rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which consist DHA, omega-6, and EPA that are important for human and animals, both. Usually, fish oil can be bought in the form of liquid, capsules, and pills which are used in food ingredients and feeds in several animal and human dietary applications including

Food Certification Market

The food certification process is authentication to get the food and beverage quality up to the standards before it is brought out for selling in the market. The process includes several criteria to be fulfilled. The process has significant importance due to an increase in food-borne illnesses along with increased demand regarding processed food & drinks, increased awareness among the people related to food quality & its importance, and changing

Procure-To-Pay Solutions Market

The procure-to-pay solutions are implemented and integrated by various companies in order to support the entire process of operation. These operations are carried out by P2P solutions right from goods and services inventory to uploading of billed files on the system. For improved efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, the P2P solutions help create an organized structure of operation control and smooth performance. Several companies are implementing e-procurement solutions for

Next Generation Packaging Market

Escalating demand regarding sustainable packaging methods along with the technological advancement in packaging materials has resulted in the demand for the global next generation packaging market. This is one of the trending and most advanced types of packaging techniques that provides several additional benefits too like traceability, access to information regarding product quality, and improved shelf-life. There are three types of next generation packaging, namely, modified atmosphere packaging, active packaging,

Plant-Based Protein Market

Protein is a vital muscle building block. The protein concentration in plant proteins is high and is best-suited for vegetarian diets and vegans. Compared with other sources of protein, vegetable protein stands out for being environmentally friendly. Consumers are aware of these properties of plant proteins and are attracting the attention and interest of consumers in search of environmentally friendly, organic, and anti-allergenic products. This plant-based protein market is mainly

Whey Protein

Whey protein is made up of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. These acids are absorbed by the body more quickly than others. This protein intake offers certain benefits, such as muscle recovery, lean muscle growth, loss of unnecessary body fat, and general well-being. Consumers’ preference for protein in regular or daily foods and the growing demand for products with low fat and protein for weight control is steadily

Building Applied Photovoltaic (BAPV) Market

Building Applied Photovoltaics (BAPV) is a photovoltaic module used as part of a building’s surroundings, such as facades and rooftops. The growing global demand for energy and the growing advantage over renewable energy sources are key factors in the growth of the global building applied photovoltaics market. In addition, government subsidies for the construction building applied photovoltaics, growing concerns about reducing carbon emissions, low maintenance costs and are other factors