Lego will end Mindstorms after 24 years

After reports from Brick Fanatics and other Lego fan sites, the Lego Group confirmed that the Mindstorms line of products will be discontinued at the end of 2022. The Mindstorms team internally will be reallocated to “other parts of the business,” according to a company statement, although the Mindstorms Robot Inventor App digital platforms will stay online through the end of 2024. Released on September 1, 1998, Lego Mindstorms was

AI can't be patented, declares U.S. court

Dr. Stephen Thaler submitted two patents in 2019 citing “DABUS” as the inventor. After an appeal, the District Court upheld the USPTO’s decision to deny the patents. Thaler appealed again in 2022 regarding whether an AI may be a “patent inventor” Inventions must be made by “natural persons,” the court declared. The recent refusal derives from the Patent Act’s definition of “inventor” as a “person.” Reuters reports that the Court

FedEx has decided to end its robot delivery service for the final mile

FedEx has cancelled plans to create last-mile delivery robots. As of 2019, FedEx has collaborated with DEKA Research and Development Corp in New Hampshire to create a wheeled robot dubbed Roxo for last-mile deliveries. DEKA was founded by Segway inventor Dean Kamen. However, Robotics 24/7 reports that FedEx opted to scrap the project in early October. FedEx’s decision was communicated to staff via an email from Sriram Krishnasamy, the company’s

Smart Eyewear Technology Market Size

Smart Eyewear Technology Market Overview The term “smart eyewear” refers to a device that is worn over the eyes and incorporates a computer screen or display to provide information that has been generated from the information system in the background. It is possible for the display to be a separate component delivered to the eye sight or it may be projected directly onto the lens of the glasses. When the

Beck Introduces Handle Automation System That Is Fully Automatic And Optimized For Cycle Time

The device has its own control system, making it self-operating. The Bailer receives the buckets one at a time from the conveyor belt. Once they are in place, they must be aligned with the hole in the bracket. Additional features can be used for alignment if desired. Individually, the unformed metal handles can be fed from a magazine, separated mechanically, and given a handle roll. The grip rollers can be

Blockchain Technology Market Size, Trend, Opportunities, Segment Analysis 2022-2028

Blockchain Technology Market Size Analysis The global blockchain technology market size was USD 3.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 60 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 44.5% between 2022 and 2028. Blockchain technology’s transparent interactions contribute to the database’s inherent stability. Blockchain technology industry applications are rapidly spreading across industries like retail, healthcare, and the financial sector. The Blockchain Technology Market also has enormous untapped

Humans get annoyed by AI when it wins the state fair's art competition

Vice reported on Wednesday, citing a viral tweet, that a synthetic media artist called Jason Allen had won first prize in the Digital Arts/Digitally Manipulated Photography category in the Colorado State Fair fine arts competition for AI-generated artwork. In order to make a trio of pictures, Allen consulted Midjourney, a commercial image synthesis model accessible via a Discord server. Then, in early August, he blew them up, had them printed

The latest version of Google Maps has an EV-specific routing feature

For some time now, Google Maps has highlighted “green” driving options. The “smoothest” journey, meaning one with the fewest starts and stops, will be the most fuel efficient if your automobile runs on gasoline. However, what if you don’t drive a gas guzzler? In low-speed, stop-and-go traffic, however, electric vehicles utilise the least amount of power. The newest addition to Google Maps allows you to select the fuel type of

A total $30 billion will be spent on building chip factories in Arizona by Intel and Brookfield.

On Tuesday, Intel Corp and Canadian investment firm Brookfield Asset Management announced a $30 billion combined funding commitment for Intel’s cutting-edge chip facilities in Arizona. This month, President Biden gave his signature to the CHIPS and Science Act, which allocates $52.7 billion in subsidies for the production and research of semiconductors in the United States. The infrastructure unit of Brookfield will invest up to $15 billion into the expansion project

Nvidia and Corsair add Nvidia Broadcast to iCUE and Elgato

This week, Corsair will include Nvidia’s Broadcast audio and video features into both its iCue and Elgato software. You will just need an Nvidia RTX graphics processing unit, in addition to a suitable headset, microphone, or camera. Because the interfaces in iCue, Elgato Wave Link, and Elgato Camera Hub are all smooth, you no longer need to use the separate Nvidia Broadcast app for capabilities like noise removal and virtual