Artificial Intelligence Robots Market

Artificial intelligence robots are a revolutionary breakthrough that can help the operations of different companies in a vast array of industries. The rising strategic activities by prominent players, immense adoption of robots currently for personal use, including entertainment and companionship, is facilitating the global artificial intelligence robots market growth across the world. For instance, in January 2021, Samsung announced about the development of upgraded robots, such as Samsung Bot Handy,

Point Of Sale Display

A point-of-sale display is a specialized form of sales promotion that’s located near checkout counters. It is the most operative approach for promoting convenience goods. Displays at point-of-sale are designed to capture consumers’ attention and encourage impulse purchases. The point-of-sale display helps consumers realize they might need that particular item to solve a problem by providing them a visual exposure to the products. As a result, consumers are drawn to

Digital Ad Spending

Digital advertising is a convenient promotional strategy adopted by companies. Digital advertising is booming globally with digital transformation. The organizations are emphasizing investing heavily in digital ads to boost their business. Digital advertisement has transformed the marketing strategy and spending of a wide range of industries globally. The hybrid channel purchasing habits are creating several lucrative growth opportunities in the global digital ad spending market. A growing number of people


Video as a service is a mode of delivery in which the point-to-point video conferencing service is outsourced to service providers over an IT network. Video as a service is a reliable alternative for business organizations that do not want to have the infrastructure for corporate video communication services. It offers the transmission of high-quality full-motion video and audio across several locations. The surging demand for remote and real-time access

AI Infrastructure Market

AI infrastructure is the platform built where organizations can develop intelligent applications that are self-healing & protective and in addition also requires minimum human intervention. The IT infrastructure is filled by modern technologies like big data, mobility, and the internet of things. The requirement of intelligent infrastructure in today’s era is proving to harness the power of artificial intelligence-powered platforms. Artificial intelligence infrastructure sweeps every area of machine learning workflow.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Market

The critical infrastructure protection (CIP) system comprises security solutions that include risk & compliance management, identity & access supervision, antivirus, intrusion detection, encryption, and others. These network solutions help to protect the critical system’s network from ransomware, viruses, malware, attacks, and others. Critical infrastructure protection offers solutions to both the private and public sector which includes law enforcement agencies, transportation, federal & municipal services, banking & finance, food production &

Insurance Telematics Market

Insurance telematics is vehicle insurance in which the prices depend upon the vehicle type and is effectively calculated against the driver’s behavior, time & distance traveled, and several other categories. Telematics insurance is different from traditional insurance that rewards and differentiate drivers by offering lower premiums. A black box is installed in the vehicle to determine and monitor the driving style, braking conditions, cornering, and several other skills of the

Product Lifecycle Management Market

The product lifecycle management (PLM) software allows companies to systematically manage the lifecycle of the products. It has become an important part of the industry as it facilitates multi-disciplinary and geographically dispersed teams to collaborate strategically with the customers and partners using up-to-date information of the product. Increase in the use of Industrial IoT devices with growing adoption of industrial 4.0 is spurring the growth of the global product lifecycle

Enterprise Mobility Management Market

With the evolution in the mobile devices supported by technological advancements, it has become a powerful computational device to mobilize & streamline corporate businesses. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) allows the user to protect the corporate data on corporate and employee-owned devices. Due to the rapidly spreading infection of coronavirus, stay-at-home orders of the government enforced most of the organizations to implement work from home policy for their employees. This led

Over-The-Top Devices And Services Market

Over-the-top or OTT market is a television and film content platform that is telecast over high-speed internet connectivity in place of satellite-based platforms or cable wires. The rising adoption of OTT devices and services is credited to the packaging flexibility, focused genre choices, and wider availability of devices, overall reduced cost, penetration of the internet, on-the-go service. In addition, increased demand for customized media content is also foreseen to fuel