Platform As A Service (PaaS) Market

Platform as a service is an element of cloud computing that assists users to offer, handle, and execute computing tools along with other applications without any complexities. It helps users to pack, develop, and create software bundles. It works as a public infrastructure as a solution, private service, and cloud public solution. The major advantages offered by the platform as a service includes improved maintenance of the application, low complexity

Artificial Intelligence In Banking Market

Artificial intelligence is paving its way in the banking activities and operational efficiency which are resulting in the decreasing the queues. This is estimated to fuel the global artificial intelligence in banking market in the coming years. These days, several banks have begun the usage of AI solutions to improve customer engagement and for providing personalized services. The combination of back office operations with AI is foreseen to provide high-end

M-Commerce Market

Mobile commerce is a kind of e-commerce where the selling and buying of goods take place through wireless electronic handheld mobile devices. It includes notebooks, tablets, smartwatches, smartphones, mobile phones, and others. M-commerce assists users to access online shopping platforms with mobile devices without any requirement of desktop computers. Examples of m-commerce include in-app purchases, mobile banking, virtual marketplace applications like the Flipkart mobile app, and digital wallets like Android

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Fintech Market

Fintech firms have utilized AI in fulfilling buyers’ demands by applying deep learning and machine learning tools for providing technologically advanced solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about huge scope for digitization of banking administrations and this has urged firms to utilize machine learning tools in the banking sector. As per the research, over half of fintech firms have utilized AI tools, for example, virtual assistants, robotic process automation, and

Digitization In Logistics Supply Chain Market

Logistics is an important element in supply chain management as it involves the management and planning of services and goods from source to destination. The traditional methods adopted by logistics service providers are ineffective in the present business landscape. However, this has induced many logistic service providers to adopt the digitized approach in their business to meet the current requirements. Digitalization has transformed logistics supply chain operations. It has made

Video KYC Market

Video KYC is a new way of customer authentication. It is a beneficial mode for the people as it allows the customer to complete the KYC for their accounts within few minutes. The process involves a video call with the bank officer and over the video call itself the KYC documents of the customers are verified and signatures are being recorded. The global video KYC market is currently boosted by

Vehicle Analytics Market

Transport business is crucial for the growth of the economy. Vehicle analytics is a procedure of tracking and monitoring the real-time vehicle properties and behavior with various sensors affixed on vehicles. Such sensors permit users to gain enhanced command of vehicles by recognizing the inappropriate behavior and health status of the vehicles to avoid interruptions. It also facilitates users to gain insights into the driving habits of the drivers. The

Edge AI Software

Since the last few years, there is a substantial improvement in the applications of Artificial Intelligence across the world. The future of Artificial Intelligence is on the Edge. Edge AI is nothing but a system that processes data produced by a hardware device at the local level by utilizing machine learning algorithms. It just takes a matter of milliseconds for the device to make real-time decisions as the device processes

Artificial Intelligence In Education

Artificial intelligence in education comprises a combination of education tools and information technology. In addition, rising awareness regarding the advantages of AI-based education system coupled with the demand for enhancing equity and quality of education system is expected to give an edge to the players in the education system, providing several lucrative opportunities in the coming years. The adoption of AI tools like natural language processing, deep learning, etc. is

Big Data Security Market

With rapid industrialization and globalization, the amount of data being generated is growing exponentially. This has given a risk to the security of data more than ever, resulting in the dire need to analyze big data efficiently. Big data is developing importance in each sector of developing and developed nations rapidly, evolving as an advantage to the companies as well as the consumers. This will propel the demand in the