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infrared cameras

  Non-contact infrared energy is detected and converted into an electronic signal by an infrared camera, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on a monitor by an infrared camera. In order to keep tabs on a building’s thermal efficiency and spot potential problems caused by excessive heat, infrared cameras collect data on the temperature inside the building. It is projected that thermal analysis solutions would become more

Healthcare's Future

Trella Health, a premier provider of healthcare expansion analytics and advanced analytic data, revealed today that it has raised a large amount of money. Cressey & Company LP, a private investment company committed to increasing outstanding healthcare technology and services firms, lead the financing, with Panoramic Ventures, the company’s current lead investor, also participating (previously BIP Capital). Trella will be able to use the funds to continue developing its data capabilities and

GE Healthcare's Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

The new technique, which is based to GE’s Critical Care Suite 2.0, assists bedside personnel and radiologists in assessing patients ahead to intubation – such as prior to ventilation in patients with serious COVID-19 – and ensuring that their ETTs are correctly positioned. Critical Care Suite, an industry-first suite of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms incorporated into a mobile X-ray device, has received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.

Specialty Generic Pharmaceuticals

Biocon will be able to expand into the North Africa and Middle East as a result of the agreement. Biocon Ltd., an international biopharmaceutical company, recently partnered with Tabuk Pharma Manufacturing Firm (a wholly owned division of Astra Industrial Group), a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) pharmaceutical company, on Tuesday to commercialize select specialty products in the Middle East. Tabuk Pharmaceuticals will have the authorization of marketing for these drugs and the firm


Recursion Pharmaceuticals, a Salt Lake City-based biotech firm, recently announced a multibillion-dollar partnership with Roche AG, a Swiss medicine and diagnostics major, and its U.S. affiliate Genentech, that may bring the firm billions of dollars in new income over the next decade. The development comes after Recursion said on Monday that it has extended its relationship with Bayer AG, a European pharma titan, for work on fibrosis illnesses, in a transaction


President Joe Biden agreed with the executive order earlier this week to scale up the buying power of the federal government to lower its carbon emission by 65% by 2030 and transform it into carbon-neutral by mid-century to address the issues pertaining to human-caused climate change. As per the order, the White House is likely to spend a million dollars to widen its federal fleet of electric vehicles, upscale buildings

Industrial Biotech Fund

Sofinnova Partners has successfully raised €150M capital for its early-stage environmental impact fund. The fund will be used for the companies striving to leverage biotechnology to innovate and create sustainable solutions. However, Sofinnova Industrial Biotech II has become part of the venture capital firm leading sustainability initiated strategy over a decade ago with the introduction of Sofinnova Green Seed Fund. The fund will pursue helping early-stage companies by financing and


Medical City Healthcare and Resilient Healthcare, a strong home-based healthcare provider, recently joined to provide hospital-at-home services. Before leaving the hospital and transitioning to their home, eligible patients are attached to a live remote patient monitoring (RPM) equipment that continually monitors blood pressure. “They’re recognized as a likely contender for hospital-at-home care at the hospital,” said Jackleen Samuel, president and CEO of Resilient. “We set up a tablet and our

Digital Healthcare Platform

Alira Health acquired a digital health technology company Patchai, headquartered in Italy. Alira Health is a global health care consultancy. Patchai provides digital healthcare solutions that empower and engage patients in care pathways and clinical research,  improve self-management of various diseases, facilitate ideas to study care plans and protocol, and also offers robust care delivery for clinicians in real-time data. Patchai’s Co-PRO® is the complete package of technologies that personalize

Cannabis Market

Pennsylvania Rep. Melissa Shusterman introduced a plan to permit small businesses and farmers a chance to contribute and compete in the medical marijuana market. The legislation allows small businesses and farmers to participate in the cultivation of cannabis for medical reasons. Shusterman, D-Paoli will offer Pennsylvania’s small businesses and farmers a piece of the $1 billion sectors that are monopolized by large corporations in the state. However, the various rules