Alira Health Successfully Acquired Patchai to Expand its Digital Healthcare Platform

Alira Health acquired a digital health technology company Patchai, headquartered in Italy. Alira Health is a global health care consultancy. Patchai provides digital healthcare solutions that empower and engage patients in care pathways and clinical research,  improve self-management of various diseases, facilitate ideas to study care plans and protocol, and also offers robust care delivery for clinicians in real-time data. Patchai’s Co-PRO® is the complete package of technologies that personalize retention in decentralized clinical trials, facilitate high patient satisfaction and personalized patient experience. This is the second digital acquisition of the company, which will further help to proliferate into a technology-based patient-centric solution for suppliers, payers, and healthcare providers.

“Alira Health is investing heavily in the use of Technology to boost patient engagement, improve clinical trials, and collect and apply valuable real-world evidence. We are committed to humanizing health care through innovative, patient-centric technology solutions. Our acquisition of Patchai is a strategic step in realizing our vision of being the market leader in Technology used for the collection of patient data in real world studies,” said Gabriele Brambilla, Co-Founder and CEO of Alira Health.

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“Patchai’s mission is to advance life sciences with intelligent and human-centered solutions to channel and magnify the positive impact that bio-pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and patients have on the future of health systems,” said Alessandro Monterosso, Co-Founder and CEO of Patchai. “We are extremely pleased to join Alira Health and be part of their mission to transform healthcare globally by engaging patients at every step of their journey.”

Patchai is an advanced intelligent platform for embedding a sympathetic virtual companion to get a personalized human-centric experience to patients and gather real-time data. However, the preliminary data on a huge customer pool with the help of Patchai technology reveals that the patients protocol adherence of 95%, which is significantly higher than solutions available in the market today. Also, it is nine times higher than paper-based solutions. Patchai was led by Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley. Also, Patchai was a participant at Catapult Awards and left as a finalist. The company is now the entity of Alira Health, and will keep on innovating advanced technologies to offer modular and scalable solutions for virtual standard care and decentralized clinical research.

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Patchai was founded in 2018 with the vision to make routine care and clinical research more accessible, smart, and engaging to enhance the quality of life of people. Also, the company has innovated an intelligent platform for real-time data capture and patient engagement in standard care and decentralized clinical research. Furthermore, the company assists standard clinical practice and clinical research transform as more aligned, connected, and humane. The company was listed in the global top hundred companies in 2021 by The Medical Futurist Institute.

It is an international technology-enabled advisory and patient-centric firm at the frontlines of healthcare transformation. It offers a package of integrated solutions and services designed to assist healthcare and life science companies to grow across the solutions life cycle. The company was founded in 1999. It is based in Framingham, MA, U.S. Alira Health has offices in Cambridge, Switzerland, Basel, Bologna and Verona, Milan, Germany, Munich, Spain, Barcelona, France, Paris, CA, U.K., and the U.S.