Perfect Day Unveiled Its Entrance Into The Sports Nutrition Market

Perfect Day, Inc., the world’s largest animal-free dairy protein creator, unveiled its entrance into the sports nutrition market. They are expecting to bring first-kind-of sustainability, performance, and innovation to the growing space of the sports nutrition market. The event further validates the capability of the company as an alternative protein leader to commercialize its animal free ingredients widely into Asia along with the product launch of two other brands.

The launch of this ready-to-mix product line has significantly soared up the customer retention towards nutrition, performance, and taste of conventional whey protein powder with Perfect Day’s hallmark. However, the new product line will be revealed with the flagship partners Natreve and California Performance Co. Natreve is the world’s first carbon and plastic neutral wellness company, whereas the California Performance Co. is the new brand from The Urgent Company.

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The CEO and Co-founder of Perfect Day, Inc., Ryan Pandya, said this new product line is likely to bring nutritional superiority in front by indicating the functionality of the protein in baked goods, ice cream, and cheese. Further, he added the development of this product line is specifically for plant-based protein and traditional whey-based protein customers. Above all, anyone conscious regarding their health and the environment can have their hands on this product.

However, he mentioned that it is a very exciting moment for the company as their animal-free dairy ingredients have got more commercially viable applications across distinct and new product categories in different regions as the company has expanded its geographical operations in three international markets, which further adds toward our vision of more diverse, resilient, and equitable food system for all.

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Natreve is the first partner in the category with Perfect Day, Inc. The partnership is based on elevating the customer’s wellness journey with the products that offer nutrition, texture, and taste benefits to both humans and the environment. The protein powder is widely based on conventional whey protein but is made wide through precision fermentation which is sought to deliver maximum nutritional benefit at the lower environmental impact. Both Natreve and Perfect Day, Inc have come together to share their values and transform the business operations by prioritizing sustainability. The collaboration is likely to permit their drive mutually towards the goal of creating a kinder, greener tomorrow.

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In addition, it is a mission to offer wellness to everyone both internally and externally. Furthermore, as the world’s first carbon and plastic neutral company, they are likely to become the most sustainable wellness brand on the globe. This partnership launch of MOOLESS will facilitate the company to offer more options to customers and invest heavily in their health along with protecting the health of our planet.