Growing Focus On Eco-friendly Infrastructures Is Set To Flourish The Green Building Materials Market Growth

Green building materials are extracted from renewable waste and are very energy efficient. Some of the popular materials used in the construction of green buildings are impregnated soil, bamboo, hemp concrete, straw bales, grasscrete, mycelium, wood, and recycled plastic among others.  Energy efficiency is one of the key aspects of green buildings. Several countries are focusing on energy efficiency as a mandatory standard in construction legislation. The integrated system environment in these buildings helps to meet the required energy efficiency standards. Therefore, given the growing need for energy-efficient green buildings, the demand for green building materials is also expected to contribute to the growth of the green building materials market. The growing urban population, together with the rapid economic and industrial development in the world, has led to an increase in the demand for energy efficient green buildings.

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McCarthy Building Cos. reached its new construction milestone by building new $192 million Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building at Arizona State University. The ISTB7 Building is the newest in dozens of US Green Building Board leadership projects that is more focused on energy and environmental design.

The global green building materials market is broadly segmented based on type, application, and region. Based on product type, the global market is divided into interior products and exterior products. By application, the global green building materials market is bifurcated into residential buildings and non-residential buildings

By region, the market for green building materials is segregated in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and Africa. Europe is estimated to witness the highest growth in the coming period. North America is expected to play a significant role in the forecast period, due to the growth in the construction of green buildings in the residential sector, as well as the growing number of buildings, as well as construction policies and regulations that guarantee efficiency structures. Emerging markets such as Asia Pacific is poised to impactful growth in the coming period, owing to growing adoption of sustainable infrastructure. Other markets such as the Middle East and Africa are poised to gain momentum to stay ahead in the race in terms of clean and sustainable green building.

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Some of the leading players dealing in the global green building materials market include PPG Industries, Cold Mix Manufacturing Corp., Forbo International SA, Momentive Performance Materials Inc., GE Sealants and Adhesives, Owens Corning, BASF SE, Amvik Systems, Binderholz GmbH, Alumasc Group Plc, Bauder Limited, and PPG Industries, mong others.