E-commerce Healthcare

Due to emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the last two years, healthcare industry has witnessed rapid transformation and raised the demand for online methods of healthcare system management. This was valid in both pharmacy management solutions and patient care. As per the research put out by PwC, 77 % of the clinicians say that “nontraditional care venues” including concierge medicine, on-demand telehealth, etc. helps people in several ways and

connected agriculture

Charles Sturt University is a part of agri-food stakeholders that have successfully established a $4 million Australian agri-food data exchange (AADE). It is known to be a safe method to exchange inter-organizational data in agribusiness and agriculture. The AADE aims to develop an interconnected data highway for the commercial food farming value chain in Australia. The community also offers a digital platform that allows- Improved transparency of industry data to

Aquaculture Products Market

Generally, aquaculture products are utilized for the enhancing the aquafarming practices. These comprise the equipment needed for enhanced feeding & ponds maintenance, disease prevention, and cleaning of farms with the help of chemicals. These products are greatly utilized in site preparation where aquafarming is carried out. These products improve regular feeding and stocking of aquatic plants and animals while providing shelter from predators. The key factor contributing to the growth

Australian Food And Grocery

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) statistics reveal that the market share of Australian food in the grocery manufacturing sector is significantly fuelled by 4%, which is almost $133 billion owing to the exponential spike in the value of the exports. The latest state of industry report excerpts show that the spike in food and grocery exports is about 7.9 % on last financial year to $41.3 billion, which

Lactose Free Dairy Products Market

The incapability to digest the natural sugar lactose—mainly found in dairy foods—is termed as lactose intolerance. Few people don’t have sufficient lactase enzyme that breaks the sugar down in their digestive system. The preparation of lactose-free dairy products involves minimizing or removing lactose basically present in dairy products. Dairy products that are normally utilized on daily basis—such as yogurt, milk (flavored & white milk), milk powder, cheese, and others—are accessible

Concession Catering Market

Concession catering is a means of grabbing the attention of customers from among a huge number of visitors or audience at airports, roadside stop locations, and railway stations. Besides, the concession catering activities can be performed in-house or also outsourced to a particular catering company. Additionally, it comprises the service level catering and arrangement of high quality levels of service. The global concession catering market is projected to driven at

Industrial Margarine Market

Industrial margarine is utilized for industrial flavoring, baking, and other cooking needs. It is a dairy product utilized as an alternative for butter. Though butter and industrial margarine both are utilized to enhance the flavor of a range of dishes, they possess different traits. Butter is made up of proteins, water, and butterfat, whereas industrial margarine is made of processed vegetable oil and /or animal fat. Over the forecast period,

Feed Premix Market

Feed premixes contain complex compounds including minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Ideally, there should be two or more of these compounds in the feed premix. Premix feeds provide direct nutrition for animals. Consumers choose to feed animals with feed premix that comprises all the micronutrients in large quantities. This helps the animals get proper nutrition and nourishment. Feed premix is added to animal feed for better consumption as it maximizes

Kombucha Market

Kombucha is also referred to as tea mushroom, which is a fermented beverage consumed because of its health benefits. It is made by fermenting sugar tea that utilizes SCOBY. SCOBY is regarded as a symbiotic growth of acetic acid, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria. The acetic acid present in the drink helps in nourishing it with enhanced probiotic content that makes it even more healthy when compared to other drinks.

Smart Building Market

Smart buildings have structured wiring that allows occupants to operate a variety of electronic home equipment remotely. The electronic devices can be programmed by a single and simple command. Intelligent buildings can reduce construction and operating costs while reducing the environmental impact, as well as ensuring the safety & security of the building. The global smart building market is anticipated to witness high growth owing to energy efficiency and comfort