Global Starch Recovery Systems Market is flourishing with the Increase in Potato Processing Plants Around the World

Starch recovery systems are used to extract starch from potatoes. The system works by accepting processed water which is pumped from the potato slice washing system that allows separation of the starch from the water through centrifugation or decanter.

Demand for starch recovery systems is primarily boosted by increasing demand for starch in food sectors. Along with this, increase in potato processing industry around the world has equally contributed to the continuous demand for starch recovery systems. Starch has many applications in food sector, it is widely used as a frying and thickening agent in soups, gravies, pie fillings, and sauces. Also, starch is excellent gluten-free alternative to flour. All of these factors progressively increased the demand for global starch recovery systems market. Further, the demand for potato-based products such as fries and chips is increasing at a tremendous rate which is directly supporting the demand for starch recovery systems. However, lower investments in expensive processing machineries and systems are the major market challenge. On the other hand, increasing focus of key players to capture market by offering optimum processing systems to reduce overall cost of the process will secure the healthy growth of the market over the forecast period.

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The global starch recovery systems market is categorized into plant size, component, application, and region. By plant size, the market is categorized into large, small, and medium. By component, the market is segregated into centrifuges & hydrocyclones, filling stations, screw conveyors, refining sieves, and vacuum filters. The applications segment is bifurcated as chips & snack pellets, frozen products, and dehydrated products.

Asia Pacific is expected to remain the largest regional market for starch recovery systems. The region offers excellent growth opportunities to the market as the demand for starch is very high in well-established food processing industries. China is likely to hold the top spot in the regional market with the highest revenue contribution. Soups, fries, and fried chicken are the most common food in China which is why demand for starch in the country is always high. This has primarily contributed to expansion in starch recovery companies. North America is expected to be the second largest regional market followed by Europe. Increase in food processing industries are trigging the demand for starch recovery systems.

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Key players operating in the global starch recovery systems market are Alfa Laval, Hiller GmbH, Myande Group, Stamex Technology, Andritz, Larsson Sweden, HAUS Centrifuge Technologies, Flo-Mech, Nivoba Hovex, Sino-Food Machinery, Microtec Engineering Group, and GEA among others.

To cite, in 2021, Hiller GmbH became a part of the Ferrum Group to strengthen and stabilize its position in the market.