“Home Theater OS” development begins at Sonos

"Home Theater OS" development begins at Sonos

According to a number of new job advertisements uncovered and published by Protocol, Sonos wants to be the platform of choice for both home audio and home theater. A broader home theater strategy than the sound bar-driven one the firm now concentrates on is suggested by the job postings at Sonos.

It was revealed on Nick Millington’s LinkedIn page that he is working on a new home theater project as part of the collaboration. According to the job descriptions, one function would focus on home theater’s “OS & Media Platform roadmap,” while another would concentrate on “next-generation content delivery experience” spanning “mobile, television, tablet and HW remote.” Next-generation Sonos Home Theater OS” is the term used to describe the company’s partnering role.

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Sound bars, subwoofers, and speakers that may be utilized in surround sound are all already available from Sonos. The gadgets have proved to be a hit with home theater enthusiasts. For the time being, Sonos does not produce a physical remote control for its home theater equipment; instead, users must use their smartphone app or the remote control that comes with their connected television to operate the equipment.

In addition, Sonos does not currently manufacture a “Home Theater OS,” which indicates a major shift in the company’s home theater approach.

Even while it doesn’t get the same attention as the long-running fight between Windows and MacOS or the current smartphone software rivalry between Android and iOS, a furious struggle has formed among numerous tech companies to dominate the operating systems that operate smart TVs all around the world. In addition to allowing access to streaming applications and other services, including ad platforms, Amazon, Google, LG, and Roku all license software to TV makers. Apple and Samsung, for example, develop their own proprietary software for use with their own hardware.

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Sonos’ latest move here might be to bring its software to TVs, but there are other options as well. Like Apple tvOS, Roku OS, or Amazon Fire TV, perhaps Sonos is working on a sound bar with its own operating system. Alternatively, it’s conceivable that Sonos is still formulating its new approach.