In-App Advertising Market

Mobile app advertising has recently become one of the most popular advertising channels, as annual sales have been growing rapidly from year to year. With this type of advertising, app publishers not only play an important role in the advertising service process, but they also receive a significant portion of their advertising revenue. The growth of the market during the forecast period is attributed to the increased penetration of smartphones

5G System Integration Market

Development of 5G mobile network services, has led several companies around the world are actively centering on integrating the existing network infrastructure into future 5G technologies. In addition, these companies integrate their designated applications and existing cloud networks with state-of-the-art 5G technologies to work flawlessly on a centralized network. This integration process enables companies to achieve high bandwidth capacity with minimum latency for their operations, which increases overall operational efficiency

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation involves using software to perform repetitive marketing tasks for, personalizing marketing, content and messages, foster sales leads, and reducing marketing effort. A marketing automation program allows organizations to automate, integrate and evaluate marketing tasks and increase productivity for operational efficiency. Companies are growing at a fast pace and, therefore, opting for marketing automation software, as the growing demand for a better user experience is one of the main

IoT In Smart Cities Market

IoT has the potential to relieve the pressures of urbanization, create new experiences for city dwellers and make everyday life more comfortable and safe. This helps to reduce environmental degradation, prevent sanitation problems, reduce congestion and contain urban crime, with municipalities turning to the Internet of Things (IoT). Increased adoption of the cloud and the development of fast networking technologies will lead to more and more people being interested in

Smart Contact Lenses

Contact lens is slender lenses wore to get aesthetic look as well as for enhancing vision. Contact lenses jettison use of specs. Smart contact lenses are solutions for diabetic patients to keep an eye on fitness level and diabetes. They have built-in sensors to identify intraocular pressure and glucose levels. Young generation is magnetized toward the espousal of contact lenses owing to their altering lifestyle and increasing mindfulness about trending