Global Stand-Up Pouches Market Analysis and Insights 2022

Global Stand-Up Pouches Market

Global Stand-Up Pouches Market Overview


A stand-up pouch, also known as Doypack (a trademark associated with the pouch), is a type of flexible packaging that may be shown, stored, and used while standing erect on its bottom for exhibition, storage, and usage. It is a form of bag, yet it can occasionally include aspects of a plastic bottle. Daypacks are commonly used to bring powders or ready-to-drink beverages while on the road. A stand-up pouch’s bottom is gusseted to give stability while exhibiting or utilising the bag on its own.

Furthermore, Stand-Up Pouches are incredibly portable and easy to store. These bottom gusset pouches help consumers save shelf space by allowing them to be kept in a number of places such as the garage, closet, kitchen cabinet, or refrigerator/freezer. Tear notches, which are offered as an option, make opening the luggage a breeze. Stand-Up Pouches can keep food fresher for extended periods of time while also offering excellent barrier control to protect against the weather. Puncture-resistant films can be used to safeguard your things during shipping, and speciality films can provide further protection against moisture, contaminants, UV radiation, and other environmental variables.

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Global Stand-Up Pouches Market Analysis and Insights

The stand-up pouches market is predicted to increase at a 7.41 percent annual pace from 2021 to 2028, with a market value of USD 41.60 billion by 2028. The research report on the stand-up pouches market includes analysis and insights into the numerous aspects that are predicted to be present during the forecast period, as well as their implications on market growth. The rise in packaged food consumption, along with the cost-effectiveness of stand-up pouches, is fueling the expansion of the stand-up pouches market.

Major drivers driving the stand-up pouches market include a growth in consumer demand for packaged items and the adoption of packaging due to the features such as zippers or sliders; spouts; and rip notches among others, which provide increased convenience and usefulness. Standing up pouches are becoming increasingly popular among consumers due to factors such as convenience, aesthetic appeal, and several value-added features, as well as the fact that they require less materials and incur lower shipping and transportation costs.

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Segmentation for Global Stand-Up Pouches Market

According to the material, kind, closure, and application, the market for stand-up pouches may be divided into four categories. The growth of segments helps you identify specific pockets of development and tactics for entering the market, as well as the distinction between your main application areas and your target markets.

  • In terms of material, the market for stand-up pouches may be divided into four groups: plastic, paper, metal, and bioplastic.
  • The market for stand-up pouches is divided into regular, aseptic, retort, and hot-filled types.
  • In the stand-up pouch market, rip notch, zipper, and spout are the three main types of closure.
  • The stand-up pouches market is divided into food and beverage, pet food, health care, personal care and cosmetics, home care, and other applications.
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In-depth research on the “Global Stand-Up Pouches Market” will give vital insight into the global market. Amcor plc, Sonoco Products Company, ProAmpac, Mondi, Clondalkin Group, Winpak Ltd., Coveris, Huhtamaki Group Sealed Air, Glenroy Inc., Smurfit Kappa, Bischof+Klein, Hood Packaging Corporation, Uflex Limited, and FLAIR Flexible Packaging Corporation are some of the major players in the market.