Hiren Sam

Digitization In Logistics Supply Chain Market

Logistics is an important element in supply chain management as it involves the management and planning of services and goods from source to destination. The traditional methods adopted by logistics service providers are ineffective in the present business landscape. However, this has induced many logistic service providers to adopt the digitized approach in their business to meet the current requirements. Digitalization has transformed logistics supply chain operations. It has made

Video KYC Market

Video KYC is a new way of customer authentication. It is a beneficial mode for the people as it allows the customer to complete the KYC for their accounts within few minutes. The process involves a video call with the bank officer and over the video call itself the KYC documents of the customers are verified and signatures are being recorded. The global video KYC market is currently boosted by

Vehicle Analytics Market

Transport business is crucial for the growth of the economy. Vehicle analytics is a procedure of tracking and monitoring the real-time vehicle properties and behavior with various sensors affixed on vehicles. Such sensors permit users to gain enhanced command of vehicles by recognizing the inappropriate behavior and health status of the vehicles to avoid interruptions. It also facilitates users to gain insights into the driving habits of the drivers. The

Insurance Analytics Market

Insurance analytics is used for risk controlling in pricing, underwriting, ratings, claims reserving, and marketing in the insurance sector. Moreover, such analytics solutions help insurance companies to effectively manage the potential risk and also offer enhanced insurance contracts in the case of casualty, property, life, or health loss. Also, insurance analytics play a crucial role in reducing cost using predictive analytics in insurance models to offer sustainable reports across different

Edge AI Software

Since the last few years, there is a substantial improvement in the applications of Artificial Intelligence across the world. The future of Artificial Intelligence is on the Edge. Edge AI is nothing but a system that processes data produced by a hardware device at the local level by utilizing machine learning algorithms. It just takes a matter of milliseconds for the device to make real-time decisions as the device processes

Behavioral Health Market

Individuals’ mind and body work together and it is essential to keep the mind healthy just as to keep a body healthy. Every year, millions of people seek behavioral health professionals’ help to lead healthier lives. Behavioral health usually refers to a person’s state of being and the impact of their choices and habits on their wellness and health. Growing awareness about behavioral health conditions among people is the key

Essential Oils Market

Concentrated plant extracts are known as essential oils. These are all-natural bioactive products known for their medicinal properties. The essential oils are commonly used as anti-microbial and anti-oxidative solutions. Besides, they are also used as anti-inflammatory, relaxing, anti-mutagenic, and stimulating agents. These properties are foreseen to fuel the demand in the global essential oils market. Essential oils have been in use for a long time, especially in aromatherapy and traditional

Artificial Intelligence In Education

Artificial intelligence in education comprises a combination of education tools and information technology. In addition, rising awareness regarding the advantages of AI-based education system coupled with the demand for enhancing equity and quality of education system is expected to give an edge to the players in the education system, providing several lucrative opportunities in the coming years. The adoption of AI tools like natural language processing, deep learning, etc. is

Wave And Tidal Energy

Wave and tidal energy are among the major renewable resources and to generate electricity, both of them refer to the extraction of kinetic energy from the ocean. Wave and tidal energy have the potential to provide all the power that is required, eradicating the need for fossil fuels. Nowadays several programs and initiatives are undertaken to grab definite opportunities that are associated with wave and tidal stream technologies that have

BFSI Crisis Management Market

BFSI crisis is not a new economic phenomenon and in today’s world, the economic analysis of banking crises is a constant source of speculation and interest. Contagion, positive feedback loops in the market, bank runs, and inadequate governmental oversight are some of the reasons for BFSI crisis. Crisis management plays a vital role in such situations as it helps to minimize reliance on public funds and preserve financial stability. Growing