Global Smart Voice Assistant Speakers Market Is Poised To Propel Amid Growing Technological Preference For Online Shopping

Smart voice assistant speakers are smart speakers with speech recognition technology. Smart Speaker is an intelligent wireless audio playback system that uses additional features for many forms of communication. To increase ease of use, connect to a variety of audio sources, and provide additional functionality. Growing consumer awareness of voice-enabled devices and assistants, in terms of all available technology and features already deployed and is gaining momentum. Technology is expected to continue to manage and change consumer behavior while companies need to prepare and adapt. Various applications such as online search, advertising, content and ecommerce are impacted owing to changing consumer preferences and increased use of brands through voice technology. As a result of the growing influx in the consumer appliance category of these devices, the market has seen a significant increase in demand for smart speakers for voice assistants across the world.

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Recently, in June, 2021, ProKNX, a manufacturer of smart home appliances in France, has launched a new smart speaker built with a multilingual voice assistant that works without sending data to the cloud. The Offline Smart Speaker is part of the company’s Aragon line and uses the same Snips platform for the voice assistant.

The global Smart voice assistant speakers market is broadly bifurcated based on the voice assistant, distribution channel, end user, and region. By virtual assistant, the global market is classified into Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, DuerOS and others. The market is also segmented based on the distribution channel into, online and offline. Further, by end user, the global market for smart voice assistant speakers is divided into personal and commercial.

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North America is likely to have a hold of majority of the market, in terms of unit shipments and revenue. Significant growth is expected in Asia Pacific region due to the increasing penetration of smart devices in this region. Other regions such as Middle East and Africa, and Europe are predicted to gain noteworthy momentum in coming period, amid spreading awareness about its convenience and instant online solutions.

The key players dominating the global smart voice assistant speakers are market Alphabet, Mycroft, Beijing LingLong, Amazon, Fabriq, Google, HARMAN, Jam Audio, Interactive Voice, Invoxia, Lenovo, Mattel, Silk Labs, NVIDIA, Protonet, CubicRobotics, and Swan Solutions among others. With advancements in various industries, digital voice assistants have become more sophisticated and useful for everyday use. This offers a great growth prospects for the key players operating in the segment.