New Thermal Energy Storage Solution Developed by Scientists

Putting a damp towel over one’s head in the sweltering summer heat is a common remedy. As a substance changes from one state of matter to another, such as solid, liquid, or gas, phase-change material emits or absorbs energy in the process. A phase-change material that absorbs heat when evaporating, i.e. as it changes from liquid to gaseous form, water cools the moist towel Due to a transition in society

Kilowax from 2017 neutron star mergers might be causing these strange anomalies in X-ray observations

A “kilonova”—the merging of two neutron stars accompanied by intense gamma-ray bursts—was discovered by astronomers in 2017. Three and a half years after the kilonova explosion, astrophysicists have found unusual X-rays they believe might be the first evidence of a kilonova “afterglow.” This might have been a first detection of stuff going into a newly created black hole, according to astrophysicists. Laser interferometry is used by LIGO to detect gravitational

Scientists, not insects, want the new name for the spongy moth to spread

The new common name for Lymantria dispar, now known as spongy moth, has been welcomed by scientists. However, they are still working to stop the spread of the invasive bug. Leaf-eating moths may cause substantial damage or even death to a wide range of plants and shrubs. There is a yearly aerial spraying campaign by the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection against the moth. There are 57

Environmental Concerns Raise Doubts About Keystone XL Pipeline

Pipeline for crude oil transportation In the course of its development, Keystone XL has sparked debate. “Inconvenient factual conclusions,” according to federal judge Brian Morris, are the reason for the construction’s denial. Obama stated that climate change is still a key issue after the pipeline was denied by the White House in the year 2015. The ruling was overturned after President Donald Trump took office. It is argued by the