What Is ORVM & Developments of New technologies In Automotive Industry

Full Form Of ORVM

Full Form Of ORVM is Outside Rear View Mirror

ORVM: Vehicles typically have an outside mirror, called an outside rearview mirror (ORVM), that the driver can use to look behind and to the side of the vehicle.

What Is ORVM

Outside Rear View Mirror
Outside Rear View Mirror

A car’s wing mirror, also known as an outside rear view mirror (ORVM), is mounted on the vehicle’s outer body and provides the driver with a view of the area behind and to the sides of the vehicle. The signs on ORVMs, which are often convex or aspheric mirrors, indicate that the objects in the mirror are actually closer than they look. Since aspheric mirrors’ curved surfaces cover a larger side area than those of standard convex mirrors, they are often used in combination with standard convex mirrors in tight spaces.

In order to optimize the driver’s field of view, exterior rearview mirrors are horizontally and vertically adjustable. The settings can be modified manually or by means of a remote control.

The exteriors of vehicles are changing due to developments such as the growing incidence of automation features and the usage of sensors in place of buttons, reflecting the general desire of passengers to have less need for manual control. Industry players are putting in long hours developing cutting-edge technologies to upgrade the exteriors of vehicles so that they provide a plethora of new features and can be tailored to the ever-evolving needs of passengers and motorists.

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Most people agree that car camera systems, including ORVM, are a great way to make driving safer. To improve the driver’s field of view, advanced camera and monitor systems are increasingly being used.

Increasing Developments of New technologies In Automotive Industry

Every day, fresh innovations aim to displace the status quo in the automotive industry’s traditional choice. The market for automobile outside rear view mirror (ORVM) is becoming increasingly competitive as new camera technologies enter the market. Large sums are being invested in R&D by the top original equipment manufacturers and suppliers of exterior components for automobiles.

BMW revealed the i8 Mirrorless Concep. Gorilla Glass, which includes a heating element, protected the cameras in the concept car. When vehicles are detected to be approaching from either side of the vehicle, the driver will get a warning signal on the screen. As needed, the driver can make lane changes with the aid of this function.

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A substantial portion of the market is concentrated in Asia and the Pacific because of the region’s abundance of inexpensive labor, raw material, and government support for domestic production. Because of the surge in the popularity of EVs in this area, the market is predicted to expand rapidly in the next years. Consumers in rapidly urbanizing countries like India, China, and the ASEAN countries are ready to pay a premium for modern amenities like exterior rearview mirrors, creating a potential market.

As the number of cars on the roads increases, the market for outside smart rear view mirrors (ORVMs) in automobiles is anticipated to grow, with the passenger car segment leading the way. In addition, rising worries about driver and passenger safety in the event of an accident are likely to boost the segment’s growth in the market throughout the projection period.

What is an electric ORVM?

An electric ORVM is a powered external side mirror that allows the driver to see what’s behind the car at all times. Inside the vehicle, the driver can make any necessary adjustments to the electric ORVM. In the event of misting or icing, the electric ORVM can be heated to ensure clear visibility.

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What is the use of ORVM in car?

  • An outside rearview mirror (ORVM) can prevent serious accidents and save the lives of motorists and pedestrians.
  • Modern cars globally have ORVMs. However, frequent car drivers may need to lower this safety device to reach it.
  • The ORVM helps to avoid collisions between vehicles and pedestrians or incoming vehicles.
  • ORVM reduces traffic accidents and driver liability. Driving with ease behind the car is the key benefit.



  1. What is the full form of ORVM?
    Ans- The full form of ORVM is Outside Rear View Mirror
  2. What is the full form of ORVM in Technology?
    Ans- Outside Rear View Mirror
  3. What is the full form of ORVM in Worldwide?
    Ans- Outside Rear View Mirror
  4. How do you adjust a rear view mirror on a car?

Ans- modified manually or by means of a remote control