The 5 Countries With the Most Gold

By Akash G

The world's largest gold reserves are represented by these tonnage numbers, which are held by the following countries:

1. The United States, 8,133 tons

The United States Metal Depository in Fort Knox, Kentucky, stores over half of all U.S. Treasury bullion. U.S. Mint's website claims to house 147 million ounces of gold.

Most of Germany’s gold has been housed in vaults in outside sites such as in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in France.

2. Germany, 3,359 tons

Banca d'Italia, rather than the Italian government itself, holds most of the country's gold reserves.

3. Italy, 2,541 tons.

La Souterraine in Paris is a safe underground vault where all of France's gold is stored. Over the years, the country's central bank has made a concerted effort to bring back savings from abroad.

4. France, 2,436 tons.

The Bank of Russia, which is wholly owned by the Russian Federation, is in possession of the vast majority of Russia's gold. 

5. Russia, 2,299 tons