Employees of GM come to office at least three days every week.

By Akash Gokhe

Sep 26, 2022

GM is the latest major corporation to require its corporate workers to spend some time back at the office.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, employees who had worked from home were told to "pivot to a more regular in-person work cycle."

According to the spokesperson, the return-to-office obligation will go into impact later this year.

The company is dedicated to preserving workplace flexibility so that workers may meet their other responsibilities, the spokeswoman said.

Detroit-based GM is among many companies since Labor Day to have asked employees to return to workplaces many times per week. Others include Apple Inc., Peloton Interactive Inc., and Comcast Corp.

Due to its "work appropriately" policy, GM permitted its white-collar employees to check in remotely throughout the epidemic, as did the rest of the car sector.