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Roku users may now use Amazon Echo to control their streaming media player


Roku is now supporting Amazon’s Alexa speech assistant, after its announcement of support for Google Assistant last autumn. It’s possible to operate Roku TVs and streaming devices with voice commands like “Alexa, open Netflix on Roku,” after adopting the new Roku skill.

With your voice, you can stop videos, access applications, and find new shows to binge watch. Using Alexa, Roku TV owners may turn their TVs on and off, change inputs, and control the volume. To avoid confusion, you’ll need to say “Roku” rather than just “the TV” every time you speak. You may also tune to specific stations if your Roku TV is linked to an antenna.


As far as managing Roku devices is concerned, Google Assistant and Alexa share the same capability. This means that no one helper can perform something the other cannot.


Amazon has previously claimed that it has teamed up with Marriott International Inc. to help increase guest access to facilities with Alexa, via its voice-activated device Echo. This is part of a strategy to expand its presence in the hotel industry. If you don’t want to answer the phone, Alexa for hospitality may assist you in requesting cleaning, ordering room service, or contacting a caretaker for dinner recommendations.


According to the firm, the joint venture will begin at Marriott’s select properties this summer, and it will be open to other hotel chains only by invitation at that time. At least a few of media outlets have reported that Marriott has put Alexa and Siri to the test before making a decision on which to use in its properties. Asked whether they had a specific relationship with Apple, Marriott said they had “great relationships” with a number of tech companies and were always looking for ways to improve and innovate the guest experience.

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