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New Data Exchange Method Helps Connect Food Supply In Better Manner

connected agriculture

Charles Sturt University is a part of agri-food stakeholders that have successfully established a $4 million Australian agri-food data exchange (AADE). It is known to be a safe method to exchange inter-organizational data in agribusiness and agriculture.

The AADE aims to develop an interconnected data highway for the commercial food farming value chain in Australia. The community also offers a digital platform that allows-

The project was started by an integrity system company in KPMG. It got initial funding of $4 million from Australian Wool Innovation, the Western Australian government, the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization, the Victorian government, Fisheries Research Development Corporation, the Food and Agribusiness Growth Center, Charles Sturt, Meat & livestock Australia, and Federal government.

Mr. Rick Willmott, Charles Sturt University’s Chief Operating Officer, mentions that they will grant fluid collaboration all across the supply chain.

He further elaborated that by granting agri-food sector data owners the efficiency to control what information they share, the AADE will encourage users to unlock value from their data.

The university is working dedicatedly to engage with industry, government, and other partners to create sustainable outcomes for the Australian regional market.

The staff of the Graham Centre for agricultural innovation is operating with KPMG for various projects.

According to Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia, David Littleproud, the investment from the Federal government in AADE worked with its agriculture agenda by the digital platform for data.

Littleproud mentions that the market access of their product relies on efficient supply chains along with trusted compliance & quality assurance data company products.

AADE Chairman Andrew Rob said data is the lifeblood of any market industry.

The Australian agri-food data exchange is creating a national project that will support the growth of the Australian agri-food sector by framing a trusted network for data sharing across the sector.

It will also help to create several lucrative transformational opportunities to develop and supercharge Australian agriculture.

Other promoters of AADE include Grower Group Alliance & Australian Eggs, Federation University, Elders Rural, Cotton Rural Research Development Corporation, Australian Packaging Covenant Organization, Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, Agrifutures, and NSW government.

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