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Malware has been discovered at airports and coffee shops, according to officials

Malware has been discovered at airports and coffee shops, according to officials

Hackers on the Internet are becoming the greatest menace anybody could have imagined since they are able to steal so much money and information through their code without anyone’s notice. Thus, the authorities have come to the rescue of the people by raising the level of knowledge among security officers. Airport and coffee shop USB charging connections have been found to be infected with malware produced by hackers. Officials have dubbed this new menace “juice jacking.”. The software is infecting the phones, and all of the data is being extracted through these channels.

The hackers just need a few seconds to get their hands on all of the phone’s confidential information and utilise it for their own selfish purposes. Airports and coffee shops have been identified to be places where individuals might be exposed to these kinds of dangers. As a result, all smartphone users are urged to maintain their software up-to-date in order to avoid such dangers. Using a power outlet or a personal charger is the safest option for charging a phone. Buying charges from shady dealers is likewise discouraged, according to the authorities.

Hackers have recently discovered a new vulnerability in the WhatsApp system that allows them to obtain access to a user’s phone data using a malicious video clip. WhatsApp was found to have a stack-based buffer overflow when a specially constructed MP4 file was used. An Israeli corporation, NSO, has been sued by Facebook after the discovery of a new type of malware that exploits the video-calling feature’s weakness. Pegasus, the flagship programme of the NSO Group, has been shown to be able to manipulate and gather data from mobile devices. People are being urged not to accept video calls from strangers on Whatsapp because of this.

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