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Increased Consumption Of Meat-Based Products To Accelerate Growth In Global Meat Extract Market

Meat Extract Market

Meat extracts are known for their high nutritional contents such as proteins, vitamins, and important micro-constituents. These are helpful in the growth of both humans and animals. Increasing production of various meat products with unique flavors and ingredients has surged the consumption of different types of meat like lamb, beef, chicken, pork, etc. Also, these are being used in different cuisines, fueling the growth of the global meat extract market.

Meat extract adds meat flavor to processed and cooked foods. It can be explained as a meat stock with high concentration, generally made of beef. But, the content varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the region. With its several health advantages and high nutritional value, especially proteins, the global meat extract market is likely to witness a significant demand within the forecast period.

The global meat extract market is foreseen to experience growth owing to market developments, improved research & development initiatives by the private companies & governments, and a shift in the eating habits of people. Awareness about the benefits of a protein-packed and highly-fibrous diet is encouraging people to change their eating routine, thus driving the global market. Besides, different types of meats such as kosher, halal, broiler, etc. are also contributing to the growth of the global meat extract market.

The global meat extract market is broadly categorized by form, type, application, and region. In terms of type, it is divided into beef and chicken. On the basis of type, the market is segmented as powder and paste. And based on application, the market is divided into commercial and industrial.

Geographically, North America is anticipated to register the highest growth in the global meat extract market within the forecast period, based on revenue. This is credited to increased demand & consumption of meat-based snacks and expansion of microbiological R&D activities in the region. In addition, an increasing number of health-conscious people are also helping in the growth of the regional market. The region is followed by the Asia Pacific, with the second-fastest growth in the world. This is attributed to increasing in disposable income and changing pattern of fitness regimes among people.

Some of the leading players in the global meat extract market are Carnad A/S, Colin Ingredients, JBS Global Ltd., Meioh Bussan Co., Ltd., NH Foods Australia Pvt. Ltd., ARIAKE Japan Co., Ltd., Proliant, Inc., Nikken Foods Co. Ltd., Innova Flavors Co. Ltd., and so on. These companies are indulging in launching new products and getting into mergers & acquisitions to retain their market positions. Two well-known companies, Kerry Foods and Tillamook Country Smoker have come up with different business strategies and branding methods. It has also launched some new products like barbecue flavored meatballs and turkey jerky with cranberry & pineapple flavored.

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