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High Adoption Of Robotics Technology To Bolster Growth In Global Mobile Robotics Market

Mobile Robotics Market

In mobile robotics technology, the programmers develop mobile robots, which can function in any type of surrounding without any human intervention. Devices like software, sensors, and others are implemented for the functioning and managing of these robots. Latest technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, and autonomous underwater vehicles are some of the key study topics while researching and innovating further in the global mobile robotics market.

The robotics innovation is likely to register high adoption in different business and modern settings, thereby fueling the growth of global mobile robotics market. For instance, medical clinics are currently utilizing mobile robots that are autonomous for moving materials and track patient wellbeing. The defense and military area utilizes proficient help robots that are designed for combat situations. Besides, mobile robotics improves the abilities by giving soldiers a benefit at the ground level. Also, a field robot, an expert help robot, is utilized in this area for various functions like operation in life-threatening situations to safeguard military soldiers, carrying heavy machines, and safeguarding injured officers in battle zones.

With the headways in robotics innovation and rising flexibility in the utilization of robotics, robots cover a wide scope of uses in the medical services sector. Robots are utilized in emergency clinics, facilities, drug organizations, and clinical device producers. The use of mobile robotics in the medical services sector incorporates drug transportation, like delivery, patient care, and pick & place. Factors like the urgent need for the safety of human existence and the surge in mobile robotics from online retailers are estimated to uplift the global mobile robotics market. In any case, high initial procurement cost and difficulties observed by mobile robots while working in untested conditions can be significant obstructions that hinder the growth of the global market.

The global mobile robotics market is majorly segmented into product type, application, and region. Based o product type, the global market is divided into Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), and Unmanned Maritime Vehicle (UMV). In terms of application, the market is classified into aerospace & defense, forestry, mining, agriculture, and industrial.

Geographically, the global mobile robotics market is likely to be led by Europe within the forecast period with the highest market share. This is attributed to the rising demand regarding material handling equipment in the manufacturing sector. Moreover, consistent process automation in several industry verticals and other sectors is also expected to contribute to regional growth in the future. The region is followed by the Asia Pacific, which is foreseen to witness significant growth in the forthcoming years. Moreover, the developing e-commerce store is a leading factor behind the growth in the region.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Kuka AG, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Boston Dynamics, iRobot Corporation, Softbank Robotics, Kongsberg Maritime, Amazon Robotics, and UBTECH Robotics, Inc. are few of the prominent players functioning in the global mobile robotics market.

A while ago, a leading e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., based in China launched a warehouse with space for trucks for more than 700 active mobile robots. These robots aimed to provide huge demands from the company’s annual shopping sale, Singles Day.

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