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Global Egg Protein Powder Market To Witness Growth Due To Rising Number Of Health-Conscious People

Egg Protein Powder Market

An egg is an important component in muscle building and body strength. Dietary supplements are consumed by people to strengthen their bodies. Eggs have several multi-vitamins and a natural source of proteins & calcium, fats acids, and proteins. Thus, having egg as an ingredient in protein powder is an added advantage one can have in their dietary supplement. With the increasing number of health-conscious people across the globe, the global egg protein powder market is likely to experience growth during the forecast period.

Increasing demand for egg protein-rich food that contains nutrients like ovalbumin & ovomucin, and adoption of healthier lifestyle among people in developing & developed nations are some of the fueling factors behind the growth of the global egg protein powder market. Also, there has been a notable increase in demand for healthy bakery products, stimulating the global market growth. In the food & beverages industry, the egg protein powder is used for several purposes such as gelling, emulsifier, foaming, thickening agent, and so on. It is also used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of sports and nutritional supplements. These are some additional factors responsible for the growth of the global egg protein powder market.

Besides, improved disposable income, increasing awareness about healthy foods, health supplements, and changing lifestyles are also contributing to the global market growth. The key players are also investing in the industry, along with mergers and acquisitions to improve their market positions. The rising trend of animal-free egg protein for vegans will also stir the global egg protein powder market growth in the future.

Nevertheless, the emergence of alternatives to egg protein is foreseen to hinder the overall market growth. Besides, increasing cases of poultry diseases are also a threat to the global market, which might result in sluggish growth.

The global egg protein powder market is widely segregated by type, application, and region. In terms of type, the market is divided into egg yolk powder, whole egg protein, and white egg powder. Based on application, the market is classified into bakery products, ice-creams dietary supplements, and meat products.

Geographically, North America is expected to register the highest growth within the forecast period with a healthy CAGR, attributed to increased awareness about the benefits of including egg protein in daily diet, high nutrient content, and easy processing. In addition, key players in the region are also investing in the market to launch a variety of products to suit the lifestyle and eating habits of the people.

Some of the leading companies in the global egg protein powder market are Bouwhuis Enthoven, Taiyo Kagku, DEPS, NOW Foods, Rose Acre Farms, Sanovo Technology Group, Alver, EUROVO S.R.L, GF Ovodry S.P.A., Taj Agro Products, Sharrets Nutritions LLP, Rembrandt Foods, BNL Food Group, AVANGARDCO, etc. Recently, Quevos launched a new range of snacks of egg protein-based chips. The product consists of nutritional components like prebiotic fiber, avocado oil, and chia seeds.

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