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Global Aquaculture Products Market Growth To Skyrocket With Rising Consumption Of Fish Among People

Aquaculture Products Market

Generally, aquaculture products are utilized for the enhancing the aquafarming practices. These comprise the equipment needed for enhanced feeding & ponds maintenance, disease prevention, and cleaning of farms with the help of chemicals. These products are greatly utilized in site preparation where aquafarming is carried out. These products improve regular feeding and stocking of aquatic plants and animals while providing shelter from predators.

The key factor contributing to the growth of the global aquaculture products market is the rising fish consumption for its nutritional value. In addition, escalating seafood trade and growing smart fishing trend will drive the market growth to great extent. Moreover, constant depletion of natural feedstock, rising income Levels, growing fish oil demand in numerous industries like healthcare, food, pharmaceuticals,& dietary supplement, growing aquaponics demand, and escalating government support are other key contributing significantly to growth of the global market growth. Furthermore, growing progression in technology for open and off-shore ocean aquaculture along with constant R&D activities will further offer ample growth avenues for the market in near future.

The global aquaculture products market can be bifurcated based on species, rearing product type, culture, production type, and region. The market, by species, is categorized into seaweeds, aquatic plants, mollusks, aquatic animals, microalgae, crustaceans, finfish, and others. The market, by rearing product type, is classified into chemicals, equipment, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals. The equipment segment is further sub-divided into containment equipment, water pumps & filters, cleaning equipment & feeders, and water circulating & aerating equipment. The market, by culture, is categorized into brackish water, freshwater, and marine. The market, by production type, is divided into large scale, medium, and small-scale.

The global aquaculture products market is projected to be governed by Asia Pacific during the forecast period. This expansion is mainly attributed to the swift implementation of innovative & advanced methodologies for aqua farming in countries, appropriate weather conditions, considerable land accessibility for aqua farming, and low cost of labor. Likewise, Europe and North America markets are also anticipated to witness considerable expansion in coming period owing to rising food & beverage industry in these regions.

The leading players in the global aquaculture products market include AKVA group, Pentair, Aquaculture Systems Technologies LLC, Lifegard Aquatics, Xylem, Blue Ridge Aquaculture Inc., Pioneer Group, Thai Union Group PCL,, ASAKUA, Stolt-Nielsen, CPI Equipment Inc., Selonda SA, Eastern Fish Company, Bakkafrost, Huon Aqua, Cooke Aquaculture, GRUPO NUEVA PESCANOVA, Lerøy, Intl Fish Farming, Tassal, Frea Aquaculture Solutions ApS, Grupo Farallon Aquaculture, Tan International, Reef Industries, Inc., Aquafarm Equipment AS, Cermaq, Marine Harvest, and Nireus.

To cite, in August 2018, a feed conveyor concept was set up by AKVA Group by the name of flexible feeding that would enable cultivators to feed and send silo to any cage, making it simpler to use diverse feed sizes and types.

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