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Flavorchem Introduces Innovative Solutions For Plant Protein-Packed Functional Foods

Plant Protein-Packed Functional Foods

Flavorchem, the global flavor and ingredient supplier, recently launched Taste Mod for Protein. It is a solution with a clean label to disguise the plant-based protein off notes.

The product innovation will significantly improve the sensory experience of functional foods and beverages. However, it has emerged as a first in the line of high-performance taste modulators which is a significant and emerging trend in the pandemic’s wake.

The product functions effectively across a variety of product applications, including ready-to-drink nutritional beverages, snack & performance bars, and functional blends & mixes that will improve taste parameters.

Flavorchem states the emerging interest of people and manufacturers in functional food and beverages in the wake of covid-19 owing to the growing inclination of consumers towards the products that support their health wellbeing.

Around 71% of the respondents in the Innova 2020 survey of health and nutrition concluded that it was very important to select F&B products that enhance the nutritional benefits regarding body functionality.

However, functional food also contributes towards the unwanted attributes, including aroma textures and off flavors in the finished products, apart from offering nutritional value to the food.

Chickpea, hemp, soy, and other plant proteins also offer vegetative, cardboard, and beany aromas as well as an astringent or bitter taste.

Flavorchem further showcases the rise in demand for protein, with almost half of the customers striving to eat more with each meal, whether it’s from plant or animal sources. But the plant-based protein is gaining immense popularity and is expected to grow significantly, with one in four consumers eating more protein from plant sources.

“The plant-based protein market is absolutely exploding. Last year, plant-based products grew almost twice as fast as the total US retail food market, as sales surged 27% to reach US$7 billion,” says Dembitzer.

She added the value of the global property market is likely to surpass $161 billion by 2030. However, the figure grew five times the estimated value in 2020.

“We developed Taste Mod for Protein to help our clients distinguish their products in the marketplace by developing plant-based protein products with the absolute best taste profile possible,” she explains.

Taste Mod for protein offers a complete solution for plant-based sources and applications.

Taste Mod for Protein is now available for sampling in the US. However, it is expected to be widely available for sampling in Europe soon.

Flavorchem is likely to extend Taste Mod to 2022 in order to add more specialized ingredients to improve the mouthfeel and taste profile.

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