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Developing Entertainment Sector To Proliferate Demand In Global Digital Video Advertising Market

Digital Video Advertising Market

Digital video advertising displays online ads in video format. It promotes the marketing content to the viewers by digital channels. It includes affiliate marketing on social media and search engine mails. This form of advertising is also famous owing to its audio-visual ability. These properties are likely to impact positively the global digital video advertising market especially for the demonstration of products and their regular ads. It aims to reach a bigger audience as a powerful mode to spread the word about your brand with a personalized experience.

There are numerous development factors that supported the global digital video advertising market. The changing user behavior and advancement in technology had significantly driven the global market. The sponsors are embracing new and inventive approaches to upgrade their products based on user preferences. The adaptability of videos to approach bigger crowds and on different platforms had driven the sponsors to take up video advertising techniques.

Developing entertainment industry and cinematography with verticals like overall digital video and filming had proliferated investors to draw in the crowd innovatively. These improvements help in standing out enough to be noticed by the clients without causing them to understand it’s a marketing strategy. Rising customer engagement on social media applications is seeing a significant spike in the global market. The emergence of augmented reality and its integration in digital marketing along with easy access to the internet is also contributing significantly to the global market development.

The global digital video advertising market is broadly classified into device platforms, end-users, type, ad format, and region. In terms of device platform, the market is divided into mobile phones, desktops, digital billboards, gaming consoles, and others. Based on end-users, the market is segregated into healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, automotive, media & entertainment, and others. On the basis of type, the market is bifurcated into out-stream video calls and in-stream video ads. As per the ad format, the market is segmented into non-linear video ads and linear video ads.

Geographically, the global digital video advertising market is expected to be led by North America, followed by Asia Pacific, with the highest market share within the forecast period. Increased usage of smartphones and the internet are some of the key factors behind regional growth. Moreover, the short video apps such as Tiktok and Kuaishou in the countries like China and Japan have fueled the demand in the Asia Pacific region.

The key players are adopting the video bidding strategies on a global level to give improved advertising quality to attract audiences. The players are also investing in the market looking at the forthcoming lucrative opportunities. Verizon Media, Longtail Ad Solutions, Viant Technology LLC, Conversant LLC, and others are some of the major companies in the global digital video advertising market.

Recently, Ogury launched Video Chooser aiming to help provide video ads on mobile driven by user preferences. With this, the users can choose three brand advertisements to watch on full-screen display.

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