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Mobile Robotics Market

In mobile robotics technology, the programmers develop mobile robots, which can function in any type of surrounding without any human intervention. Devices like software, sensors, and others are implemented for the functioning and managing of these robots. Latest technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, and autonomous underwater vehicles are some of the key study topics while researching and innovating further in the global mobile robotics market. The

IoT Data Management

Internet of Things (IoT) can be briefly described as a network of huge electronic devices integrated with the machines such as vehicles that are monitored and managed by software. These networks are created to transfer data without any human interruption or machine. So, basically IoT data management comprises a huge amount of data and its management, which is transferred via IoT technology. IoT technology has been gaining exponential traction in

Next Generation Packaging Market

Escalating demand regarding sustainable packaging methods along with the technological advancement in packaging materials has resulted in the demand for the global next generation packaging market. This is one of the trending and most advanced types of packaging techniques that provides several additional benefits too like traceability, access to information regarding product quality, and improved shelf-life. There are three types of next generation packaging, namely, modified atmosphere packaging, active packaging,

Digital Video Advertising Market

Digital video advertising displays online ads in video format. It promotes the marketing content to the viewers by digital channels. It includes affiliate marketing on social media and search engine mails. This form of advertising is also famous owing to its audio-visual ability. These properties are likely to impact positively the global digital video advertising market especially for the demonstration of products and their regular ads. It aims to reach

COVID-19 Vaccines Market

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus came to light at end of 2019 when informed by China. It was reported as a group of pneumonia cases initially that was hard to treat. Later due to the spread of the disease, it resulted in pandemics very soon. Coronavirus is a contagious disease that is also mutating automatically in different variants. So far, around 220 nations have contracted the virus and many

Android Set-Top Box

Android set-top box is plugged in the television. These boxes allow customers to view video websites, network TV shows, and play games. They are available in several sizes and shapes due to the ability to install the Android TV OS. Android set-top box is rising in trend for the past few years owing to their seamless performance, and for the people who shift houses frequently. They also provide a video

Wi-Fi As A Service

Wi-Fi is usually a cloud-based system, which is witnessing a high demand as a service due to greater penetration of the internet. It comprises radiofrequency to provide network connectivity across the globe. A Wi-Fi as a service is provided through a wireless connector to provide a small internet hub called hotspot in an area that has wireless router. Thus, they have network connectivity and internet access. Wi-Fi as a service

Blockchain In Security

Blockchain can be defined as a decentralized database, divided and managed by peers, instead of having a central authority or server. This technology allows a new era of decentralized coordination and communication by developing the infrastructure to let peers rapidly and securely connect & coordinate without a central authority. The blockchain security system provides an inclusive risk management solution for blockchain networks that utilizes cybersecurity frameworks and assurance services to

Plant-Based Protein Market

Protein is a vital muscle building block. The protein concentration in plant proteins is high and is best-suited for vegetarian diets and vegans. Compared with other sources of protein, vegetable protein stands out for being environmentally friendly. Consumers are aware of these properties of plant proteins and are attracting the attention and interest of consumers in search of environmentally friendly, organic, and anti-allergenic products. This plant-based protein market is mainly

Whey Protein

Whey protein is made up of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. These acids are absorbed by the body more quickly than others. This protein intake offers certain benefits, such as muscle recovery, lean muscle growth, loss of unnecessary body fat, and general well-being. Consumers’ preference for protein in regular or daily foods and the growing demand for products with low fat and protein for weight control is steadily