Edge AI Software

Since the last few years, there is a substantial improvement in the applications of Artificial Intelligence across the world. The future of Artificial Intelligence is on the Edge. Edge AI is nothing but a system that processes data produced by a hardware device at the local level by utilizing machine learning algorithms. It just takes a matter of milliseconds for the device to make real-time decisions as the device processes

Artificial Intelligence In Education

Artificial intelligence in education comprises a combination of education tools and information technology. In addition, rising awareness regarding the advantages of AI-based education system coupled with the demand for enhancing equity and quality of education system is expected to give an edge to the players in the education system, providing several lucrative opportunities in the coming years. The adoption of AI tools like natural language processing, deep learning, etc. is

Big Data Security Market

With rapid industrialization and globalization, the amount of data being generated is growing exponentially. This has given a risk to the security of data more than ever, resulting in the dire need to analyze big data efficiently. Big data is developing importance in each sector of developing and developed nations rapidly, evolving as an advantage to the companies as well as the consumers. This will propel the demand in the

Telecom IT Services Market

Telecom IT services are provided by telecommunication providers to deal with a huge amount of data generated while communicating. Communication is a key aspect for the companies to interact effectively internally and externally, both. Increased usage of the internet around the world with uninterrupted networks and high-speed data is likely to fuel the demand in the global telecom IT services market. The emergence of 5G technology is also contributing to

Packaging Robot Market

The packaging robots are the automated robotic system that uses intelligent vision technology to understand the position and shape of the product to be packed. These products are then sent to the ‘to-be-handled’ area. Packaging robots generally are used to load, mark, code, seal, palletize, deliver, load, unlock, etc. Advancement in technology along with the organization’s rising emphasis on providing attractive, useful, and creative packaging is estimated to provide several

IT Robotic Automation Market

The IT robotic automation is a fairly new technology, which majorly delves on input programs on the basis of algorithms and other mechanisms. It is obvious that a machine works more efficiently than a human and saves time & human efforts. This has revamped the view of the IT industry. The advancement in technology is growing consistently at a quicker speed, helping in beating business difficulties to meet ever-changing buyer

Mobile Robotics Market

In mobile robotics technology, the programmers develop mobile robots, which can function in any type of surrounding without any human intervention. Devices like software, sensors, and others are implemented for the functioning and managing of these robots. Latest technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, and autonomous underwater vehicles are some of the key study topics while researching and innovating further in the global mobile robotics market. The

IoT Data Management

Internet of Things (IoT) can be briefly described as a network of huge electronic devices integrated with the machines such as vehicles that are monitored and managed by software. These networks are created to transfer data without any human interruption or machine. So, basically IoT data management comprises a huge amount of data and its management, which is transferred via IoT technology. IoT technology has been gaining exponential traction in

Digital Video Advertising Market

Digital video advertising displays online ads in video format. It promotes the marketing content to the viewers by digital channels. It includes affiliate marketing on social media and search engine mails. This form of advertising is also famous owing to its audio-visual ability. These properties are likely to impact positively the global digital video advertising market especially for the demonstration of products and their regular ads. It aims to reach

Android Set-Top Box

Android set-top box is plugged in the television. These boxes allow customers to view video websites, network TV shows, and play games. They are available in several sizes and shapes due to the ability to install the Android TV OS. Android set-top box is rising in trend for the past few years owing to their seamless performance, and for the people who shift houses frequently. They also provide a video