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Awshad, A Cannabis Wellness Company, Has Released An Oral Oil For Pets

Cannabis Wellness Company

An emerging Delhi-based cannabis wellness firm, Awshad, that recently commenced pan-India operations, has entered the pet care market with the development of an oral oil for pets, according to a release.

Cannabis wellness medicines have achieved enormous popularity and traction around the world due to its efficacy in assuring physical and emotional well-being for both pets and humans.

In view of these findings, South Delhi-based cannabis wellness firm Awshad has now entered the pet care sector with the launch of its newest offering, Awshad Full Spectrum Vijaya Oil for Pets, the first of its kind in the Indian market, which integrates principles of Ayurveda with rigorous lab research to deliver solutions for ailments that pets suffer from as they age and other serious illnesses. Given that pets age considerably more quickly than humans, and several older pets suffer from maladies such as arthritis, anxiety, digestive disorders, stress, chronic pain, and cancer, Awshad’s product will be critical in alleviating the pets’ sufferings, allowing even the pet parent(s) to feel relaxed.

“We are excited to introduce Awshad’s pet health product, which is primarily targeted at dogs and cats, as well as other small to medium-sized animals that reside in our homes,” stated Shivam Singhee, co-founder and CEO of Awshad. “With our creation based on the miracles of cannabis wellness, we are optimistic that we will be able to make our consumers and their pet friends happy and disease-free,” he added.

The company claims that all of its products are produced and licensed by the central government’s Ministry of Aayush, and that they are tested in certified labs in the United States (Florida). Before purchasing the product, the consumer will require a prescription from a veterinarian, according to the business.

The oil is made out of cannabis sativa leaves extract, which the business claims have been clinically shown to benefit pets with age-related diseases. According to the business, a specified amount of the oil would reduce pets’ uneasiness during regular activities such as long vehicle rides or the exploding of fireworks during festivals. The oil will also treat pets with cancer, severe epilepsy, and arthritis, according to the manufacturer.

In recent months, the cannabis-focused medical research industry has gained traction. Bombay Hemp Company Pvt. Ltd (BOHECO), a Mumbai-based cannabis-focused medical research firm, said that it has raised USD 2 million (about Rs 14.8 crore) from the Vi-John Group’s Achin Kochar and RRB Energy Ltd’s Riteesh Mohan Bakshi and Raghav Mohan Bakshi’s family offices. Ratan Tata, chairman emeritus of Tata Sons, has sponsored the enterprise.

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