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Lead Editor And Writer


Hiren Samani

Hiren is an energetic travel aficionado and a gizmo freak. He prefers to write when engaged in finding out how science works on every possible action or occurrences. Hiren is passionate about the work research he does and has succinct knowledge about the same, which makes him an efficient contributor of our team.
Email: hiren.s@zionmarketresearch.com


Akash Gokhe

After continuing his studies in engineering, Akash continued his innovations and gadgets exploration. He has several blogs in which he shows his experience and shares his findings with the world. It seems to be the most innovative personality on the floor. He is responsible for technological upgrades to the innovation column. He is the true runner on the road and likes to camp on mountain tops.

Email:  akash.g@zionmarketresearch.com

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