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Clearing Paths for Indian Defense Sector Will Support Start-Ups to Grow

Clearing Paths for Indian Defense Sector Will Support Start-Ups to Grow

Indian defense sector is undergoing a serious transformation. As per the report stated by SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) came to a conclusion that India will be soon recognized as the biggest importer of defense equipment around the globe, which accounts for the 13% of overall global imports.

By making a recent entry into 71st year of Independence, India now aims to change the picture of reliance equipment imports outsourcing from nations such as Israel, Russia, and the United States. The government of India has stepped ahead with granting the license that would enable the DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) to back the local in-country manufacturing of defense equipment such as fighter jets, armored vehicles, submarines, and helicopters under the “Make in India” program.

A term called strategic alliance model will facilitate private entities in India to make the entry into the potential defense equipment business. Already existing India-based companies such as Tata Group, Bharat Forge Ltd., Larsen and Toubro Ltd., Punj Lloyd, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., Adani Group, Ashok Leyland Ltd., and Reliance Infrastructure are expected to get the benefits of the program. These Indian companies are projected to collaborate with small start up players to get shortlisted among the six contractors, who will qualify for the deals that are worth more than $20 Billion in the coming period.

Indian Defense Sector Support Start-Ups to Grow

A swift evaluation of India’s promising defense sector clarifies that this program is bound to be beneficial for home start-ups, carrying out their business as equipment vendors to the Indian armed forces.

Below is one of the early startups that is expected to be the early entrant in the India defense sector.

CM Envirosystems (CME)

As every military equipment and supplies cannot be tested on fields, this startup based in Bengaluru has come out with a solution to test military equipment in a cost-effective way. The company has erected an environmental test system for Indian ballistic missiles program, Agni. To imitate every condition for military grade testing, the startup develops and manufactures Environmental Test Chambers. This setup includes replicated environmental parameter-based conditions such as pressure, humidity, rain, dust, and temperature to recognize the performing capacity of products. These testing solutions help to identify the errors and flaws before the launch, resulting in saving millions on the defense budget.

There are various such start-ups in the country and owing to the introduction of this program, they will get a strong helping hand to carry forward their operations, under “Make in India” initiative.

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