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Blue Whale Challenge: A Suicide Game

Blue Whale Challenge: A Suicide Game

Internet is one of the craze among the people all across the globe. People, especially the youngsters, are glued to the social media via the Internet. The Internet is currently having a bad influence on the youngsters due to the exposure to adult stuff, life-challenging games, and more.Many games being played online are popularizing among the people and encouraging them to take their lives or hurt themselves.

Most recent is the “Blue Whale Challenge” that requires the participants to take up the 50-day challenge and follow the instructions given by an anonymous administrator. The people participating are blind folded from the last challenge that is committing suicide. This challenge has resulted in the loss of many lives in the foreign countries and two in India. Thus, it is a matter of great concern and the government has urged the Internet providers to block the sites and take the necessary action to curb the situation.

This challenge may seem new but it has been there since four years. The challenge name stands for the beach whales that get stranded and die.It is the creation of a Russian 22-year-old youngster named Philipp Budeikin who was responsible for spreading the instructions among a group of children in Russia. According to him, the people accepting the challenges are biological wastes and it is a process of cleaning the society. It has resulted in over 100 deaths in China, the U.S., and other nations present across the world. To advise youngsters from accepting such challenges has been the matter of concern over the years for the parents, government, and the Internet providers. The Blue Whale Challenge has been brought to light after the recent two deaths that have occurred in India.Today, it is being tagged as the sick challenge all across the world.

A Suicide Game

A student from Andheri (Mumbai), who was just 9 years old, jumped to death owing to the Blue Whale Challenge. A similar case was seen in Madhya Pradesh, where a 7th standard student jumped off from the third floor of his building. These deaths by such young kids have got the society thinking on whether the access to the Internet is a boon or a bane for the children. The challenge is nothing like a video game but just a set of instructions written down in a chain letter format that has gone viral through the various social media platforms.

The teens addicted to the various social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook have been exposed to the challenge. Social media savvy nature looks to have put the youngsters in the life-taking situation. Even the social media giants such as YouTube and Tumblr have decided to help the various nations by creating suicide prevention group contacts and track users posting Blue Whale Challenge related keywords so as to save lives.

After a detailed investigation, the 22-year-old Russian has been arrested and jailed for 3 Years. But the current administrator and their counts are unknown.

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