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Access to Internet Archive Denied In India

Access to Internet Archive Denied In India

Internet is currently proving to be dangerous for the users as they are losing out on a lot of data, money, and self-respect due to the increasing cyber attacks. Most of the regions on a worldwide basis have set up certain norms in order to curb the situation. Likely in India, the accessibility to the Internet Archive has been barred.

Such an action has been taken by two of the main Bollywood production companies so as to stop the piracy of their films. The pirated copies of their films being viewed online all over the country has made the companies take up such a drastic step. After a long investigation, around 2,650 websites have been listed out and ordered to be blocked by the Internet providers. Out of all these websites, most of them are file-sharing services while the rest include Internet Archive. The perfect example is San Francisco-supported non-profit known as “Wayback Machine.” It is basically an online tool that let the public to see the older versions of websites. There are more than 302 Billion web pages saved in it.

The decision of blocking the websites was permitted by the Madras High Court of the Judicature on August 2, 2017. The two production houses included comedy “Lipstick Under My Burkha” maker Prakash Jah Productions and “Jab Harry Met Sejal” creator Red Chillies Entertainment. People normally accessing the restricted sites will now be shown the message “access denied.” The government’s Department of Telecommunications seems to take the situation very seriously. This sudden decision has led to a lot of chaos. However, there are certain websites blocked by the courts and security agencies for reasons well known to them.

Internet Archive Denied

The Internet Archive is also under great stress and shock after the government’s decision. Though the blockage has been all over, there are certain users still reporting access to the archive. Out of the 1.3 Billion users, there are about 462.1 Million Internet users in India. As the number is very large, India is just placed below China in terms of online audience. The blocking of the various sites may anger a certain group of people but on the other hand, the whole Bollywood industry would be saved from piracy.

Following Archive, even the Daily Motion, Vimeo, and other 29 popular sites have been blocked due to these sites access to the “Jihadi propaganda.” This is how Bollywood and the government are trying to bring a halt to piracy.

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