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Amazon Unhappy With Latest Smartphone Data

Amazon Unhappy With Latest Smartphone Data

Amazon has challenged forecasts by research companies that the online giant had an inferior share of the smartphone market by both value and shipments. It claimed that by Diwali, it will defeat competitor Flipkart.The Seattle-based firm supposed that a larger piece of smartphone sales by Flipkart went to vendors. In case of Amazon, each and everything went directly to users.

Flipkart did not instantly respond to media’s questions. “Some research organizations and media reports (articles) have mentioned particular numbers, which we wish to explain. We have by no means shared those figures with them,” claimed Arun Srinivasan to the media in an interview. Srinivasan is the Category Leader for smartphones and consumer electronics at Amazon India. He did not mention the name of any agency either.

The reports and agencies claimed that Flipkart was leading in the smartphone sector with a big lead on Amazon.”As per the feedback from companies, there is very negligible difference between the 2 giants,” Srinivasan further added to his statement.He claimed that the 2 firms were equal in the last couple of months, even though Amazon made an entry in the sector 2 Years back.


“It is possible that we can cross them on a continued basis and by Diwali we might be leading the race,” Srinivasan added. Amazon is all geared up to roll out models from Nokia, BlackBerry, LG, and Lenovo within 10 Days. Flipkart owned 57% share of the market for online smartphone in the quarter of January–March, while Amazon owned 27%, as per a market research based in Hong Kong.

Smartphones are the biggest product segment by income for Amazon and Flipkart,and both have commenced trading refurbished handsets. The shares are huge in avery price-sensitive and competitive segment.A bigger share is even more dangeroussince the smartphone sector has stayed stagnant at 1/3rd of the total market. In addition to this, sales of these gadgets are anticipated to rise at the slowest speed in 2017.

Giving more on the claim that sales of Flipkart were largely targeted to vendors, Srinivasan stated that the number of handsets going on its platform to resellers was actually small. They were boosted by the fact that it had aninferior share of “cashondelivery” orders and strictrules to recognizeusers who could probably be vendors by connecting user IDs, besides a limit on monthly orders.

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