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Intel Will Unveil the 8th Gen CPU in August This Year

Intel Will Unveil the 8th Gen CPU in August This Year

Coffee Lake, the 8th Gen CPU is what Intel is planning to launch on August 21, 2017. This processor will be useful to the public glued to Facebook Live and its newsroom.The launch will take place the same day when the solar eclipse will occur. Intel is a high-end technology-based company that iswell-known for its high-end chips. This chipmaker is all set to woo the market once again.

Recently, the company has declared that it will be launching its new processor but it hasn’t yet disclosed anything about its number of models, specifications, and pricing. No one has any idea about which market Intel plans to target after the launch of this new product. Another company named Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) had already unveiled its flotilla of Ryzen processors and it looks like now it is Intel’s turn to challenge its rivals. The latest development “Coffee Lake” processorhas been geared up by Intel to set the bars high.

Intel has advanced and improved the 7th generation Kaby Lake by almost 30% in terms of certain applications and developed the latest version. If the new processor proves to be cost-effective as well as next generation-based, then the AMD will surely has to get ready to face the tight competition. The chipmakers’ latest next-generation processors are rumored to not support the present 200 series or even the prior 100 series motherboards and thus require a new set of motherboard.However, AMD has declared that its Ryzen processor will support the existing AM4 sockets at least till 2020. Intel has to watch out in order to maintain its standard and popularity among the public.

Intel 8th Gen

Intel has also planned to launch a highly advanced Core i9 lineup. The specifications such as 12–18-core processors have also been revealed. The 12-core or 24-thread Core i9-7920X is something Intel plans to unveil by August 28, 2017. The latest technology has a base speed of about 2.9GHz and a boost speed of 4.3GHz as well as a 16.5MB cache memory.The other lineups with base/boost speeds including 2.8/4.2GHz, 2.9/4.3GHz, 2.6/4.2GHz, and 3.1/4.3GHz and cache memory of about 24.75MB, 19.25MB, and 22MB, respectively, will also be made available in the coming years. The flagship 18-core i9-7980XE, 14-core i9-7940X, and 16-core i9-7960X are expected to be made accessible from September 25, 2017.

Intel is all set to use its tick-tock strategy to dare its rival this year. It has all set to upgrade its core count to combat the rival processor threats. The new desktops, AIO’s, laptops, and more will have the 8th generation processor installed in it this season itself. Intel definitely plans to take a huge leap this year.

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