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Firefox Version 55 Gets a Virtual Reality Update

Firefox Version 55 Gets a Virtual Reality Update

Firefox is planning to come up with its latest version of the browser later this week. This revamped version is surely going to upsurge the software market of Mozilla in the coming months.Mozilla has planned to update its older version in order to add on some of the features that enable the web-based VR to support HTC Vive headsets and Oculus Rift.Looks like, the tech-giant is all set to stir the software market in the coming few months.

In addition to the updates, the Firefox Screenshots will also be added such that the user will be able to take screenshots, share, and save it as well within the Firefox browser itself. The inclusion of the VR technology in the browser is the current trend in the computer world.The web-based VR functionality has been adopted by Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge and following their footsteps is Firefox.

The WebVR is currently what the tech company Mozilla is going to ship into Firefox 55.It is a bonanza for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners who can now experience the VR content with greater simplicity on the Web. The Firefox will have to put up a tough competition as there is Chrome that already has a big VR platform currently in the market.Google’s Chrome supports VR that can be viewed using HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and also Cardboard and daydream headsets developed by Google.


The latest feature Firefox Screenshots is in the beta phase and will be showcased sooner than later. With this feature, the user can capture and save screenshots within the Firefox itself. The unique attribute saves the screenshots in the screenshot library and at the same time copies the link to the clipboard. However, there is a time limit for screenshots, that is, it will be saved only for about a maximum of 2 Weeks and after this duration, it will expire.The users still have the option of bringing about slight changes in the expiration date of the screenshots or deletion date from the online library.

The new feature of the screenshot is expected to be rolled out within the next few days. In addition to all this, Mozilla is ameliorating the performance gain in the session restore by increasing the number of tabs, just a click to activate Flash Player, a fine-tune browser performance with e10s multi-settings option, advanced update system, search option enabled in the Awesomebar, and a Windows stub installer that helps install Firefox 64 bit for the 64 bit systems by default. Mozilla plans to bring about still more changes so as to make browsing an exciting experience.

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