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Internet Safety Campaign launched by Kaspersky LabinAsia-Pacific

Internet Safety Campaign launched by Kaspersky LabinAsia-Pacific

Kaspersky Lab is currently one of the organizations known for its Internet safety software. However, even the company hasn’t been able to meet up to the standards of security due to some loop holes in the development program.Lately, the Internet security is in crisis due to advanced online threats, malware, or weak security software.

It’s not just the software that has to look out for the threats it’s even the user duty to learn to keep the malware at bay by identifying them. Thus, to help curb the rate of online insecurity, it is very important to educate the people on the prior basis regarding the norms of the Internet utilization. Internet is a very complex and open world that many of the users normally fail to understand. For helping such people as well as the important organizations or individuals keep their data secure the security companies including Kaspersky Lab have developed a number of security software to help the hardware stay secure and safe.


Kaspersky has taken up the initiative of spreading knowledge regarding the Internet safety as well as the commonly performed mistakes by the Internet users to the people across the Asia-Pacific region. This Moscow-based cybersecurity firm has planned to choose Asia-Pacific region for launching its first campaign. The campaign named Goondus Awards has been introduced so that all the Internet mistakes commonly done by the public can be easily submitted in the initiative. The people who have had a property damage, financial loss, or reputation scar can take part and give their views regarding the topic so as to avoid people from committing the same mistakes.

The organization basically wants to restrain the missteps that led to major losses and educate the public more on safer Internet behaviors by showcasing world class examples. In some cases, the aftereffects may be hilarious but that is not the case in every scenario as some individuals have a huge impact to bear all their life owing to the mistake done on the social networking. The initiative will have everyone speak out their personal stories and raise cybersecurity concerns among the public. The web visitors will definitely gain positive and informative experiences is what Kaspersky Lab is looking forward to.

With the ease in the Internet utility,the public has gained a sense of self-satisfaction and a power over handling their digital lives more easily, which in turn has increased their chances of becoming victims of cybercrime.

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