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Can Turmeric extract be the cure for Pancreatic Cancer?

Can Turmeric extract be the cure for Pancreatic Cancer?

Cancer is the uncontrolled multiplication of the cells which leads to outgrowths that may seem malignant or benign. Till date, there has been no permanent cure found for the treatment of cancer. The research in the field of cancer is still on. Recently, the scientists from the Baylor Scott & White Research Institute in Dallas are carrying out a study in which turmeric extract can be used as a treatment for pancreatic cancer.

The drug resistance is the major problem the pancreatic cancer patients are dealing with. However, the current research is expected to open new doors for the treatment. It can outdo the chemotherapy resistance. The compounds in the turmeric extract play an important role in the treatment.The curcumin is the basic component present in turmeric that has the potential therapeutic property to cure diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer. The compound acts as an anticarcinogenic, antioxidant, neuroprotective, and anti-inflammatory product.

The elimination of the compound through the body immediately after metabolization has made the researchers study even more. The compound in combination or itself is being tried out for the conventional treatment.The curcumin is being tested in combination with traditional chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer treatment. The pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is what the researchers are looking to find out a compound that overcomes the chemoresistance.

Pancreatic Cancer

The detailed research has revealed that the cancer stem cells are the reason for the development of chemotherapy resistance during the treatment procedures. The metastasis occurs mainly due to these cells. The curcumins pathway of blocking the chemoresistance is still unclear. The resistance by the stem cells is generated basically due to the polycomb protein group and its subunit polycomb repressive complex 2. The unit is called the “Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2,” which inhibits the tumor suppressor’s action.

The lead researcher Dr. Ajay Goel and his team used turmeric extract to inhibit EZH2 pathway so as to enhance the pancreatic cancer chemotherapy treatment. The curcumin also possesses the property of blocking the formation of spheroids in the cells which can inhibit the recurrence of tumors. The reversing of the chemoresistance pathway using the curcumin compound can prove to be a healthy way of treatment.

Thus, curcumin in combination with chemotherapy can help overcome the drug resistance. This breakthrough can help ease the prognosis and extend the lives of the pancreatic cancer patients. The food-based botanicals like turmeric can restore the gene expression in patients without any toxicity of the drugs.

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