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Companies must boost IT Systems to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Companies Must Boost IT Systems to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Indian companies have a necessity to increase spending and focus on operational technology,information technology, and consumer technology so as to battle the rising cyber attacks. This data was obtained from a new survey carried out mutually by Assocham, the industry body, and Pricewterhouse Coopers (PwC), the professional services company.

“Presently, such proposals are not occurring. Andin this mannerresulting to anincrease in cybercriminals attacks,” claimed the study received to the media titledProtecting interconnected systems in the cyber era.

As per the study, there are breaches in consumer technology and operational technology systems in organizations in the country. Aspects such as shortage of accountability about possession to safe guard consumer technology and operational technology infrastructure, restricted understanding of security vulnerabilities and risks amongst shareholders, poor preservation of fundamental security hygiene, missing security tactics,poor monitoring for security purposes, and others contribute to rise in potential affect of incidents.

Companies Must Boost IT Systems

The study points out that the consumer and the operational technologies have been air-gapped and are separated from the information technology system. But, that is altering and they are turning out to be more and more integrated and interconnected with other IT networks.

The study states that with a rise in the utilization of operational,information, and consumer technologies in significant infrastructure, general efficiency has elevated. On the other hand, these components have also turned out to be the objective of choice for attackers since they identify the effect of unsettling the schedule way of life.

The report further signifies that companies should construct a forward-seeing cyber security program on the basis of correct balance of processes,technologies, and people skills. This should be done while considering that companies are more dependent on consumer technology and operational technology networks to manage their infrastructure and operations.

“With these elements in place, organizations are expected to be better ready for the future of cyber safety,” claimed the local media while going through the report. “By recognizing cyber security issues and flaws, decision-makers will be better positioned to put into practice suitable security controls, develop extra secure architectures, keep an eye on targeted attacks, and uphold effectual cyber resilience for their operational technology,information technology, and consumer technology networks.”

Having said this, it is high time for the companies in India to implement major steps regarding the cyber security. The incidents of cyber attacks are increasing on a daily basis. Hence, the organizations in India need to work on their operational technology,information technology, and consumer technology networks.

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