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APOSEC gives a new Opportunity for Dermal Wound Treatment

APOSEC gives a new Opportunity for Dermal Wound Treatment

Dermal wounds normally tend take time to heal or leave a scar behind. In order to make the healing process faster and simpler, the researchers from the MedUni Vienna have developed as well as patented a biologic substance. The biologic substance named “APOSEC” is a naturally generated substance that can be obtained from the white blood corpuscles. The lead researcher Hendrik Jan Ankersmit and his team belonging to the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Cardiac and Thoracic Diagnosis and Regeneration have found out that the multifactorial substance has a number of applications such as in case of strokes, wound healing, spinal cord injuries, heart attacks, and others. Currently, the scientists are looking forward to license the drug for external wound healing once it clears the clinical approval phase.

The biologic substance consists of soluble proteins, lipids, and exosomes obtained from the white blood cells. The researchers brought about irradiation of the blood cells which after death released certain proteins called secretome. This secretome has multifactorial therapeutic functions is what the research team tired confirming during the preclinical testing phases. One of the important functions is the induction of regeneration of blood vessels and stimulation of tissue healing along with an antibacterial effect. The white blood cells once dead are no longer required and hence are discarded. The therapeutic effects are basically generated due to its secretion of various constituents.

 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Good manufacturing practice, GMP

The production of the human APOSEC is being carried out using the donated blood from the blood banks. The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Austrian Food Safety Agency (AGES) norms are followed before carrying out the clinical tests. The biologic drug is currently in the Phase 1 trial. The first secretome-based dermal regeneration study is the Marsyas-1 study that has been published in Nature Scientific Reports. In this study, the safety of the drug regarding wound healing has been demonstrated.The vital blood cells are obtained by the autologous process that is in short from its own endogenous material.

Right now, the researchers are looking forward to develop the APOSEC from the allogenic material that is from the other donors.The large-scale production or freeze drying the drug in a cost-effective manner is what the developers are looking forward to. Looking at the wide range of applications, the drug is surely going to stream the pharmaceutical market. The whole project is being assisted by the partnership between the FFG, MedUni Vienna, Aposcience AG, and Christian Doppler Research Association. Let’s wait and see what the pharmaceutical has got for the biological drug in the future.

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