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Windows 10 Photo App to Have A Smart Search Feature Soon

Windows 10 Photo App to Have A Smart Search Feature Soon

Microsoft is on the verge of bringing about a lot of changes in its Windows operating systems and applications. The company basically wants to enhance its user’s experience. Currently, tech-giant is planning to roll out the “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” by September of this year. The developers are testing the new features that are going to come up with the updated versions.

One of the new features is the intelligent image sorting, which helps the users sort all the photos on the Onedrive on the basis of things, places, faces, and so on. It is similar to that of Google Photos.This new feature was recently seen in the updated version of the Photos app that has been built for the “Windows Insider Release Preview Ring.” The artificial intelligence technology is being used by the Photos app to search or sort the photos rather than making use of the cloud. The results obtained are faster than expected as well. If the time is calculated then each photo takes about just a second and the search is done using keywords such as car, beer, house, phone, and others in order to get quicker results. The option of face detection to group the photos of the same individual in a single group is also added. Looks like the Google Photos and the Photos app will have almost the same features.

Smart Search Feature Soon

At present, Microsoft is testing the latest feature on the “Windows Insider Release Preview Ring” with the version 2017.35063.13610.0. The updated Photos app in the beta version has a search bar added onto the upper right corner. With the help of this search option, the user can search based on different categories including even faces, months, colors, backgrounds, and others in order to throw relevant results at a quicker pace. After clicking on the “X” icon that is present on the end of the search bar, the user can reach back to all the photos collection again.

Additionally, there will also be a new feature named “Suggested Albums” added. It can be found in the mini-Gallery section.The intelligent image sorting feature will help collect photos of the similar subject of matter and make a slideshow of it if wanted as well as create an album if liked. For making the saving task simple, there is an “Add to your albums” feature provided for saving the collections. The users can also make use of the smart search feature by switching it on or off by going to Settings →Viewing and editing → People in order to avoid wastage of data and space usage.

Thus, Microsoft’s new smart search feature can help improvise the Photos app.

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