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Hybrid Vehicles will be excluded from Britain’s Diesel and Petrol Vehicles Ban

Hybrid Vehicles will be excluded from Britain’s Diesel and Petrol Vehicles Ban

The UK Government has officially announced that only electric cars will be sold from 2040. The declaration was published by the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

The plan of action comes out after the development of a blueprint for handling the air emission. The move will cost the government about £2.7Billion (Rs 26,576 Crore). The ban announced by the government for the petrol and diesel cars will not apply for the plug-in hybrid drivetrains and hybrid.

The published paper point outs more probable exclusions for combustion engine cars, once air quality level gets better and comes to an agreeable position. It says “Local authorities ought to tolerate in mind that such admittance precincts would only be obligatory for a restricted time and is supposed to be released once lawful conformity is accomplished and there is no chance of officially permitted limits being violated over again”.

The scrappage scheme for old diesel vehicles is also considered, but it will not be approved until the discussion period. About 4% of all new cars that have been sold are fully electric or plug-in hybrids. It has also been predicted that first 1 Million milestones for electric and plug-in hybrid car sales will be accomplished in the U.K.in 2022. The sale of electric will sales will account, for around 10% of all the new cars sales. Till date, there are around 40 Million cars running on the U.K. roads.

Britain’s Diesel and Petrol Vehicles Ban

The automotive sector will be destabilized if enough time is not given to acclimatize to the new policy. It majorly depends on the cost factor of the advanced technologies and how keenly the customers will accept the plug-in hybrid, hydrogen, and battery cars, said Mike Hawes, CEO of Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders.

At present, the inclination towards alternate fuel vehicles is augmenting but the ratio still remains low owing to the lack of charging infrastructure, driving range, and affordability. The ban will shake the current markets and might hamper the 800,000 jobs across the U.K.

As a pioneer of electric vehicles, Nissan UK has sold a large number of EVs compared to other automakers around the world. The company stated that it welcomes the decision of ban on conventional fuel powered vehicles. We appreciate government’s initiative to shift to zero emission. In the upcoming years, cars will turn out to be a native component of the system we generate, share, and consume energy.

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