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Aiming to provide more details, Uber Releases driver Profiles in India

Aiming to provide more details, Uber Releases driver Profiles in India

At the start of the year, the ride-sharing service, Uber, had launched road safety features in 29 Indian cities in the drivers app. In March, the company had built its security measures for drivers as well as riders on the Uber app by introducing a Real-Time ID check feature.This basically prompts drivers,before going online,to share a selfie to make certain that the driver and the registered account with thecompany are matching.

And now the companydesires to be more than merely a tap-and-ride facility. It desiresto make a community in which the drivers and riders can participate on a more personal level. For this, the ride-hailing firm is launching a new feature that will provide drivers their individual profiles in India. The Driver Profile feature will also include the facility to leave compliments.

The company says that the Driver Profile feature will enable the drivers of Uber to generate their personalized profiles by theaddition ofdatasuch as the languages they speak, recommendations, and their home town. It will also embrace”thank you notes” and rider compliment badges left by previous riders. Also, thereis a Driver Achievements segment that unlocks several badges such as completing 2 years with Uber or finishing 3,500 rides with a5-star rating, to name a few. All the users need to do is tap on the name of the driver to see the Driver Profile after booking a ride or click on thename of the previous drivers to see their profiles.

The new feature intends to improve the ride experience by enabling the rider and driver to involve in conversations, according to Uber. In addition, Driver Profile will also offer the rider with abetterunderstandingof who’s behind the wheel, which will aidfind a better trust level. Uber’s newest feature is the part of company’s objective to launch more inventions in India in the domains of bookings, payments, and driver & rider experience. Also, a notification will be received by the driver when a badge or compliment is left by a rider.

Uber’s Head of engineering, Apurva Dalal, said, “With the roll out of Driver Profiles, the drivers can personalize arevealing profile that can be shared with riders that trigger awesome experiences and conversations. We are certain that it will have a positive influence on fostering empathy and trust between driver partners and riders.”

So, as a rider, what is your opinion regarding the addition of the Driver Profile feature?

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